#fbf to Suga’s Christmas Cake from Sweet Obsession!

No Christmas Fruit Cake comes close to my Mother’s or Aunty Mads’. With that said, I can be very critical about them. So I pondered for days what I was going to do to keep the tradition alive, especially since I was staying in Jamaica all season. I felt like I needed not 1 but 2 cakes!

I stumbled across a friend’s Instagram page, Sweet Obsession where it looked good and the price was right.

● 1 1/2lbs – $1500JMD

● 2lbs – $2400JMD

● 3lbs – $3500JMD

Of course I had to do a tasting first, explaining that I don’t like it too fruity but I like it with lots of rum.

The quality of the tasting was alright. It had my rum content but the texture needed to be a bit softer. So I passed that information along and made my order with the assurance that adjustments would be made.

I was happy that my order came extremely close to my high standard. Friends and Family enjoyed it as well. It was certainly a treat for all of 700+ calories per slice. That’s right folks, Suga recommends you lose 5 to 10 pounds before each Christmas to fully endulge guilt-free!

Looking forward to another season with Sweet Obsession!

Sweet Obsession

Ph: 876-859-4015; 876-383-9532

Instagram: sweetobsessionja

Facebook: sweet2obsession@gmail.com

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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