What was going on with the Fashion on the Red Carpet of the VMAs last night?!

Horrendous to say the least. Suga still can’t declare a Best Dressed or even narrow down the Worst Dressed. There were so many violations of Fashion. 

Joan Rivers is rolling over in her grave and Fashion Police on E! is going to have a field day later.

Well if you missed it, here you go!

What were they thinking?! There are a lot of featherless birds out there.

The Men were not much better either. Will Smith, please help your son.

Two did not make one for those that came in pairs. It was obvious Kim K didn’t even finish drying her hair. Blue Ivy looked cute but was spending 11k on that dress really necessary? I’m sure similar could be found in a costume store.

Although Nicki could hardly walk in her dress and I’m still not sure about Cassie, thanks to the ladies who did something right!

Congratulations to the lady of the night, Rihanna, whose last look was beautiful. I’m sure it wasn’t just me who thought Drake was going to propose while he presented the VMAs Vanguard award to her last night, proclaiming he has been in love with Rihanna from he was 22. Great speech.

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