Medusas is now LEVEL 96, revamped with a new owner!

Medusas has reopened as LEVEL 96 Bar and Lounge on 96 Hope Road under the new ownership of Dexter Huxtable, who has the business he is well known for, Spokes Apparel downstairs.

Suga visited with friends for drinks last Saturday and the bar has certainly gotten a facelift with Jack Daniel’s branding.

They opened at 5:30pm on Saturday, which was too late for me but I was told they are definitely considering opening earlier on Saturdays.

Steak night continues on Fridays and they still have ‘All you Can Drink’ on Wednesdays. They also now have Seafood night on Tuesdays.

They have bar food available such as Stamp and Go, Wings, Wraps, Soup, Burgers, Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork with sides of Bread, Fries or Wedges. They also have Pasta available. Prices seem reasonable, ranging from $200 to $2400JMD.

Their Drink menu had a range of Cocktails and Mixes. I tried their Mojito before I went on to my regular consumption of V/X and Pepsi. Their Mojito gets a thumbs up. Refreshing.

Service was good, expected for a reopening. Patrons were scarce in the early evening but more came out later in the night.

Suga always looks forward to a new bar for casual drinking, especially an old favourite and will return.

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