Escape to Blue Ridge Restaurant in the Cool Mountains this Summer!

Last Saturday, my husband and I made it all the way to Blue Ridge. A 40 minute drive from Papine that was worth it.

We made reservations for 5pm and we were on time. Upon arrival, I loved the colourful landscape driving in. We were greeted nicely and offered fresh market lettuce with lovely foliage to purchase.

We were seated and given enough time to become acquainted with the picturesque view and fresh air that surrounded us. We admired the rustic decor, use of colours and cute centerpieces with fresh rosemary.

After we thought the decor was nice, they just kept stepping it up a notch with uniqueness and creativity. The main menu came in a picture frame that stood on the table so you didn’t have to hold up anything. We ordered the Soup of the day ($650JMD), Corn Chowder that came out in a reasonable amount of time and was decent.

Then came our exciting entrees with a twist. I had the Blue Ridge Pork Chops in Guava Glaze with a side of mashed potatoes ($2700JMD) and my husband had the Homemade Chicken Pot Pie with a side of macaroni and cheese ($1800JMD). The Chicken Pot Pie came in a tray with a globe and my Pork Chops came with a huge elephant head sculpture.


There was a burst of flavour upon tasting the Chicken Pot Pie. The macaroni and cheese was ok but the mashed potatoes that accompanied my Pork chop was herby and tasty. The Pork chop was tender and succulent. I enjoyed every piece of it.


We topped off our meal by sharing a delicious Coffee Rum Ice cream.

Since persons travel all the way up there, I love that they make special efforts to be unique. I enjoyed their creativity and the fact that the majority of their food was fresh and homemade. They also found a way to incorporate our famous Blue Mountain Coffee into their menu with the Coffee Rum Ice cream, Blue Hot Chocolate and Blue Ridge Coffee.

A bit pricey but when you have good service, good food, excellent presentation with a spectacular view and fresh air, then your bill comes in a gift box, that’s value for money and a lovely experience that was worth the long drive.

Blue Ridge Restaurant and Cottages
Location: Salt Hill Lot 9 East Rural, St. Andrew, Blue Mountain
Ph: 562-7580
***Reservations recommended



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