Warriors lose to Timberwolves decreasing chances of Breaking Bulls’ Record

Last night the Golden State Warriors suffered a terrible loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves in overtime, 124-117. After the Warriors were leading by 17 points they should have never allowed that loss to happen.

What happened?! 24 turnovers, Splash brothers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson missed a lot of shots, they went for 3s when there was limited time left in the game and they should have just gone for jump shots and most importantly, Shabazz Muhammad from the Timberwolves came up big scoring 35 points and Andrew Wiggins also of the Timberwolves was on fire scoring crucial clutch shots and the game winning shot.

Watch the recap of the game here:

Before last night’s loss, they had a 55% chance of breaking the Bulls’ 72-win record. With the loss, they are now 69-9 with a 15% chance of breaking the record.


Warriors Coach, Steve Kerr (Past Chicago Bulls player) stated that the Bulls felt the pressure and had a few losses on the final stretch as well.

The Warriors also failed their first attempt to join the Bulls as the only team to win 70 games in a season. This brings the San Antonio Spurs on their heels as well with their current 65-12 record.

The Warriors need to win each of their next 4 games to break the Bulls’ record and 2 of those games will be versus the Spurs!

It is still possible but Suga thinks they are likely to equal the record and not break it. Draymond Green of the Warriors said he cannot wait for the regular season to be over and all of the hype in the media about them breaking the record could have had an impact on their focus during the last few games.

The pressure is on and the Warriors already seemed burnt out but let us see how much fight they have left in them.

I love this game!

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