TBT to Rotaract Club of Kingston’s Partnership Project with Every Mikkle Jamaica!

Rotary and partners in Rotary, Rotaract, serve their communities wherever they see a void and opportunity for improvement. They also help with developing young minds and develop their own members personally and professionally as well.

Every Mikkle Jamaica is another non-profit organization that creates positive memories for Jamaica’s Orphaned and at-risk children.

The Rotaract Club of Kingston partnered with Every Mikkle Jamaica and visited the National Children’s Home in Papine during World Rotaract Week in March of this year.

They interacted with the kids, assisted with repairs to their Chicken coop, donated 100 baby chicks and stationery.


President of the Rotaract Club of Kingston, Pierce Ramsay (Left) looks on with the kids of National Children’s Home as baby chicks get settled into a new home

Pure awesomeness from Rotaract Club of Kingston and Every Mikkle Jamaica, helping to Build a Better Jamaica.

For more information on these non-profit organizations and how you can join, participate or contribute, check out the following:

Rotaract Club of Kingston:

Instagram: @rotaractclubofkingston

Website: http://www.rotaractkingston.org

Every Mikkle Jamaica:

Instagram: @everymikkleja






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