Pink Apron Ja joined House of Loaves’ Pop-Up Mobile Truck last week!


Persons waiting to get their Mexican craving satisfied last week Thursday at the Pink Apron Ja|House of Loaves Mobile Truck on Garelli Avenue


You’ve seen it in the movies but now it’s here in Jamaica, popping up more and more at different locations – Food Trucks!

Three weeks ago, Thursday Life in the Jamaica Observer checked in with some local chefs and caterers and compiled their thoughts for ‘Culinary trends for 2016’. Quite a lovely piece. If you missed it, check it out on

Pink Apron Jamaica’s caterer, Charissa Henry’s thoughts about Mobile cuisine peaked my interest, as I thought that it’s about time! There has been an influx of mobile eateries or trucks but from what I have seen, mainly junk food and hardly anything gourmet.

Social media plays a big part in the success of these mobile eateries in Jamaica and it was tested and proven last week. I follow Pink Apron Jamaica on Instagram (@pinkapronja) and was excited to see that they were doing a pop-up shop with the increasingly popular, House of Loaves Mobile Truck on Garelli Avenue (beside NCB’s Atrium), quite a central location.

What was on the Menu for the advertised Tex Mex Taco Truck?


Photo: @pinkapronja on Instagram

Suga’s Experience?

I love the concept and enjoyed my lunch. Change and Craving were satisfied at once. Packaging was neat, the truck looked clean and staff were pleasant. Good service.

The truck was open from 11:30am-3pm. My lunch was at 1:30pm, so I got there just in time at about 12 minutes to 2pm. There were persons already in line but not a lot. Upon joining the line you receive a ticket number, a pink ticket of course. I made my order when my number was called and within literally 2 minutes I received my Grilled Chicken Bowl. Persons behind me were not so lucky though. The Chicken was almost finished when I got mine and I heard the Pork Belly finished as well. Just Sausages and Elote were left close to 3pm.

However, I saw that they noted the time when items were running low and would more than likely make the necessary adjustments for the next pop-up shop.


Pork Belly Tacos and Elote           Photo: @pinkapronja instarepost

I overheard someone saying that they would like to call in their order but I think if that was put in place, it would stray from the concept. Other than that, feedback was good in the streets. The masses enjoyed the Pork Belly and the different cheeses and spiced used for the Corn cob (Elote).


Suga’s Grilled Chicken Bowl.           (Not pictured- Tomato salsa was served in a separate container)

My Grilled Chicken Bowl was filling. The chicken was bland but there were a lot more flavours in the bowl to make up for that, for instance, I am a cilantro, lime and rice combo fan so I enjoyed that along with the added tomato salsa flavour.

Affordable drinks were also on sale, from about $75JMD and up.

Follow @pinkapronja on Instagram to find out when and where their next pop up lunch will be with @houseofloaves that caters to your cravings. I can’t wait!

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