In the Streets Fast Food Update

Apologies to the Fitness junkies, but this is an update for the carb loaders, those who are maintaining their awesome weight so they can afford that 1 cheat day of the week and for the parents feeding kids who are fortunate to have such fast metabolisms.

The people have spoken. It seems Jamaica is finally moving away from ‘KFC’ country. After Taco Bell and so many other franchises have come and gone and only one location of Popeyes was left open, a new location of Popeyes is now open!


Photo: Popeyes Jamaica Facebook Page

Words of the people:

‘Wi tiyad of KFC undacooked chicken. Popeyes taste betta n dem cook dem chicken. Di new place ram!’

Speaking of new locations or fast food joints popping up, the new Pizza place, Pizza Please is now open for the New Year in Village Plaza. Suga went to try it out last Saturday in the middle of the day but looked and took a U-turn. I needed to sit down and eat. It was small, so limited seating available. Understandable but the AC was either not working or not on! So the place felt congested and uncomfortably hot. I love the concepy of what I saw though. We finally have a Pizza spot that offers more of a variety of toppings for pizzas such as eggplant, spinach and more. Similar to say a Whole Foods in the US. Personal pans, flatbreads, slices etc. were all laid out so you can see your options and they seemed ready to go once you said the word.

Suga will revisit one day.

Until then, finishing the week with healthy food. Look out for a health and fitness tip tomorrow! 🙂


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