Watch Concussion with Will Smith in a luxury iPic Theater near you!

Without giving away too much about the movie, Suga will tell you why Concussion just may be the movie to watch this Holiday Season and where to watch it.

Suga went to iPic Theaters in Maryland last Monday night and it was like a hotel! Persons have compared it to the AMC Theater in Long Island, NY. Not only can you purchase tickets beforehand, which is normal, but you can reserve regular seats in the theater and you do not need to join any lines when you reach. You just simply head to the Express ticketing machine and print your tickets. During the holiday season with no line, it must be an efficient system.


The counter to buy tickets looks like you are checking in at a hotel, not to mention the fabulous art work displayed on the walls on the way to the different theaters and then there are the bathrooms! If you get into a fight with your date you can hide in luxury all night in there.


Then there is comfortable seating that is too comfortable for some people, putting them to sleep with a blanket, pillow and reclined chair with a raised footrest.


Gabby from Suga Lifestyle relaxes and gets ready to watch Concussion last Monday night at iPic Theatres, Maryland

Note that chairs are paired together in 2s and 4s, so a bit difficult for sensitive 3rd wheels and single people, at least for the theater I was seated in.

Your personal waiter introduces himself to you as you sit down, takes your order and you can order throughout the movie too with just the press of a button.

What’s on the menu besides the standard Popcorn, Soda, Hot dogs and Chips? A wide Wine selection, Beers by draft or the bottle, Cocktails, Pizzas, Dips and Spreads, Desserts, Burgers, Tacos, Sandwiches, Skewers, Lobster rolls and more.

So my Suga Readers, find an iPic Theater near you!

Now on to the movie based on a true story, Concussion with Will Smith, also featuring Alec Baldwin.

How would Suga describe it? It was like Pursuit of Happiness 2 and you know sequels have less impact than the originals. There was depth but not to the degree of tear jerkers in Pursuit of Happiness. Will Smith was quite good though.

Will played Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian Forensic Pathologist that came to America and made a correlation between the damage to some American Football players suffering Concussions and Chronic Traumatic Envephalopathy (CTE).

He came to America and spoke to and for the dead. He perfomed an autopsy that changed his life and the NFL on Mike Webster, former Pittsburgh Steelers center in 2002.

The sudden and unexpected deaths and suicides of other NFL players such as Terry Long in 2005 after Webster, built his case further.

According to the movie, many NFL players have been diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer’s disease but with more deaths and positive results for CTE, could the NFL deny science?

Did the NFL publicly acknowledge the link between Concussions sustained by players and CTE and of so, when?

Did players do or say anything?

Was the NFL brought to court?

How many other deaths were there from ‘CTE’?

Did the movie have an effect on Players?

Find and Watch Concussion at a theatre near you, preferably an iPic Theatre, remember the News and then Google.

However, the game plays on. Many lives have been changed, saved and opportunities created for young men across America because of American Football.

Superbowl 50! February 7, 2016!


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