Super Bowl 50 Standings!



Last night the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals gave viewers an entertaining close to Monday night football. After a 17-17 tie and an opportunity for the Broncos to win, their kick went way off the left side of the post forcing overtime (OT).

The Broncos then recovered a loose ball in OT and clinched their Playoff Berth.

I know Americans have been watching closely but my Jamaicans, if your team looks like they have no chance of making the Playoffs or you just haven’t been paying attention, now is the time to choose your team. Playoffs start January 9!

Only 6 teams will play for each Conference.

Here are the standings for the AFC:


Taken from ESPN Scorecenter

Here are the standings for the NFC:


Taken from ESPN Scorecenter

With New Years around the corner, so is that Super Bowl Party. Not to mention, it will be Super Bowl 50. The Halftime show and Ads should be spectacular!

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