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NFL Weekend Roundup!

The fight to play in the Conference Championships was on over the weekend!

The Patriots booked their 5th consecutive AFC Championship with a 27-20 win over the Chiefs on Saturday.

The Cardinals-Packers game was the highlight Saturday night. Very exciting game. It all came down to a coin toss to head into OT. There was drama where the coin did not flip and had to be tossed again (See video below). Packers QB, Rodgers was quite upset that it came down to that, saw that it was on heads so called tails, then it didn’t flip. Then he did not get the chance to make another call before the coin was quickly tossed again. This situation stirred up talks of changing OT rules so the teams can play out a certain time for a chance of another Hail Mary. But it was clearly fate for the Cardinals who scored the TD first and therefore won 26-20, with Larry Fitzgerald having a huge game and scoring a TD.

Camera focusing on NFL coin that didn’t flip in Packers-Cardinals game:

The Panthers sent home the Seahawks yesterday, totally blowing them out in the first half. The Seahawks haven’t been handled like that in a long time. The Panthers scored 31 in the first half with 2 interceptions and it was enough to hold on to without scoring in the second half and despite a full force comeback by the Seahawks. The game ended 31-24.

Photo: http://www.nfl.com

Panthers QB Cam Newton stated that they just stuck to their game plan and it worked. The Panthers will face the Cardinals in the NFC Championship next Sunday at 6:40pm.

Photo: http://www.nfl.com

After a slow start, the Broncos overcame the Steelers 23-16 to book what is likely to be the final Manning-Brady face off chapter in the AFC Championship with the Patriots next Sunday at 3:05pm.

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NFL’s Wild Card Playoff Weekend Roundup!


In the AFC Wild Card Playoffs, the Chiefs smoked the Texans, 30-0. 17 out of 22 passes were completed by Chiefs QB, Alex Smith, while Texans QB, Brian Hoyer threw 4 interceptions. The Chiefs will face the Patriots next Saturday at 4:35pm.


The Steelers edged out the Bengals, 18-16. It looked like the Bengals were going to win but turnovers costed Bengals the game. The Steelers will face the Broncos next Saturday at 4:40pm.

For the NFC Wild Card Playoffs, the Seahawks recovered from a 9-0 deficit in the 4th quarter to beat the Vikings 10-9! The turnover forced by Chancellor and the TD conversion after Wilson recovered from a fumble were turning points in the game. The Vikings had many missed opportunities and then the Seahawks lucked out in the end of the game when Walsh of the Vikings kicked the Field Goal far left of the post, handing the game to the Seahawks. The Seahawks will face the head of the division, the Panthers, next Sunday at 1:05pm.

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The Packers got off to a slow start trailing the Redskins but Rodgers found his throw, defense and offense were strong thoughout the second half of the game. It just kept getting better and better for the Packers to the point where Rodgers was smiling from ear to ear, which isn’t a frequent sight. Lacy had exceptional runs, with both him and Starks scoring touchdowns. Cobb and Adams had some good catches and kicker, Crosby was consistent. A total team effort. Great end to the NFL’s Wild Card Playoff Weekend!

The Packers will face the Cardinals next Sunday at 8:15pm.


Super Bowl 50 Standings!

Image: nbcbayarea.com

Last night the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals gave viewers an entertaining close to Monday night football. After a 17-17 tie and an opportunity for the Broncos to win, their kick went way off the left side of the post forcing overtime (OT).

The Broncos then recovered a loose ball in OT and clinched their Playoff Berth.

I know Americans have been watching closely but my Jamaicans, if your team looks like they have no chance of making the Playoffs or you just haven’t been paying attention, now is the time to choose your team. Playoffs start January 9!

Only 6 teams will play for each Conference.

Here are the standings for the AFC:

Taken from ESPN Scorecenter

Here are the standings for the NFC:

Taken from ESPN Scorecenter

With New Years around the corner, so is that Super Bowl Party. Not to mention, it will be Super Bowl 50. The Halftime show and Ads should be spectacular!