Mmmmm Savoury! Where to go for RW?!


The Savoury Category costs $2800JMD (Includes choice of Appetizer, Main course and Dessert. Beverages, G.C.T and Gratuity additional). 

*Reservations recommended

Caffé Da Vince, which was a success for last year’s RW even with a full house, had delicious food and good service. This year they will have a Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and tomato in a balance reduction. Oxtail Ravioli, Beef and Pork Tenderloin are on the main, then White chocolate strawberry cheese cake to finish. Imagine, there are lots more dishes on that menu too!

Fromage, always a fave of mine, will be offering Korean BBq Pulled Pork with Asian slaw and fries that should be delightful, as well as their other menu items.

C & C South Beach have really revamped themself this year. They have great choices from Appetizers to Desserts. See their recent review and RW recommendations by clicking on the link below:

C&C South Beach, one of many in the Savoury Category for RWJ!

Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine don’t look too bad this year. Their Chickpea purée with sesame paste lemon juice and olive oil, served with fresh pita bread and their Beirut Mixed Grill with 3 skewers of Beef, Chicken and minced Lamb looks decent.

Gimbilyn Restaurant at Alhambra Inn seems to always be off the radar, but has proven to be a lovely experience, especially last year. Their Fish pocket appetizer looks interesting and they have a wide range of main dishes including Chicken, Pork, Mahi Mahi, Beef and a Vegan option. Their dessert options look fantastic as well, including Plain and Chocolate Cake Rum Lollipops, Cheesecake and a Warm Coffee Bread Pudding that is known to be good.

M-10 should have dishes with a burst of Jamaican flavour. Ackee or Callaloo Quiche to start and Smoked Pork chops or their Fish fillet in coconut sauce to follow? Yum!

What’s sizzling on the North Coast?

Evita’s in Ocho Rios was a winner last year. This year they look like they will please diners with their Jamaican Viagra Conch Fritters. Yes I did say Viagra. Looks like the magic will be in the Chef’s special ‘Jerk’ sauce that it is served with.

Mystic India in Montego Bay seems to be the choice for Indian cuisine this year. They always have sizzling options on a regular basis and their menu will include just that, for instance, Chilli Shrimp, Mutton Sheekh Kebab and Tandoori Chicken. That is just an appetizer!

MoBay is also home to the well known, Pelican Grill and Seahorse Grill. Pelican Grill has good service, tasty food and is always a pleasure to visit. Their Surf and Turf as well as their Grilled Fillet of Steak and Lobster look like excellent options. Seahorse Grill will have Smoked Blue Marlin on toast with herbed cream cheese, Hummus Dip with roasted peppers, kalamata olives and pita points as two of the choices for appetizers. Their Shrimp Saint James with savoury shrimp, simmered in a New Orleans style Creole sauce, with red onion, tomato, red and green peppers, okra and jerk sausage looks like all kinds of goodness. Then there is much more!

Remember you can give your feedback here or go to the Restaurant Week Jamaica 2015 index page, choose the Restaurants and rate them.

Dig In!

Contact information and locations for Restaurants mentioned:

Caffé Da Vinci
Location: Market Place. 67 Constant Spring Rd.
Ph: 876-906-9051

Fromage Gourmet Market
Address: 8 Hillcrest Ave., Kingston 6
Ph#: 876-622-9856

C & C South Beach Restaurant, Sports Bar and Event Venue
Location: 2 Brompton Road. Kingston 5
Ph: 876-630-4571 or 876-630-4163

Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Market Place. 67 Constant Spring Road.
Ph: 876-395-7577

Gimbilyn Restaurant at Alhambra Inn
1 Tucker Avenue Kingston, Jamaica
Ph: 876-978-9072

M-10 Bar & Grill
6 Vineyard Road, Kingston 3, Vineyard Town, Kingston.
Ph: 876-930-2112 or 876-815-5644

Evita’s Italian Restaurant
Location: Eden Bower Road (Just up the hill opposite Taj Mahal Shopping Center). Ocho Rios
Ph.: 876-974-233

Mystic India
Location: Whitter Village, Ironshore Montego Bay
Ph: 876-953-9460 / 876-953-0659

Pelican Grill
Location: Gloucester Avenue Strip Montego Bay
Ph: 876-952-3171

Seahorse Grill
Location: MoBay Yacht Club. Freeport. Sunset Drive, Montego Bay
Ph: 876-684-9133


So much to choose from, where to choose for Tasty at RW!


The Tasty Category for $1850JMD (Includes choice of Appetizer, Main course and Dessert. Beverages, G.C.T and Gratuity additional) during Restaurant Week has so many choices to choose from, but where should you really choose for the best deal?
Consider the menu quality and uniqueness, reputation of service and an ambience would be a plus.

Did you see my review from my Pre-Restaurant week tasting at Lucky Strike Lounge? It’s a winner.

Click on link below for a quick and spicy review.

Lucky Strike Lounge for the Tasty Category for RWJ!

East Japanese looks like the place of choice for Asian cuisine, offering value for money.

Portmore massive, the Milk Shake from Buzzers looks divine!

The UTECH students from Lillian’s Restaurant seemed to put a lot of effort into their menu as usual, offering unique dishes at a low cost. Their Seared Trout and Vegetable Lasagne including Eggplant and more look like they won’t disappoint.

Pizza Hut (Kgn and MoBay) is always loaded with goodness on their menu for RW with various Pastas and more. The spot should be great for a family outing and their Over-the-Top Cheesecake looks delish.

Sea Deck is always a pleasure. Even though their Crab back usually takes long, it is worth the wait. Other than that, you should be able to look forward to quick service, delicious, large servings and a lovely ambience for more than a reasonable price.

What else is going on outside of Kingston?

The Cardiff Hotel and Spa in Runaway Bay impressed me from the RW Launch, offering some of the items from their menu. Their Jerked Chicken Fettuccine had a good flavour with a touch of spicy and their Sweet Potato Pudding had an authentic Jamaican taste. Their Oxtail Mac and Cheese sounds salivating!

I have not dined at Chill Out Hut Beach Bar and Grill in Long Bay, St. James yet, but I would definitely give them a try. Their 1lb Whole Steamed Fish looks juicy!

Remember you can give your feedback here or go to the Restaurant Week Jamaica 2015 index page, choose the Restaurants and rate them.

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Contact information and locations for Restaurants mentioned:

Lucky Strike Lounge
Location: 195 C Constant Spring Road (Manor Centre), Kingston 8
Ph: 876-631-9980, 876-631-9797

East Japanese
Location: Market Place at 67 Constant Spring Rd. Kingston, Jamaica
Ph: 960-3962 or 960-3594

Endzzone at Buzzers
Location: 63A Congrieve Park, Naggo Head, Portmore, Kingston
Ph: 876-939-2553

Lillian’s Restaurant
Location: University of Technology, Jamaica, 237 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Ph: 876-970-2224

Pizza Hut Dine-In (Kgn and MoBay)
Locations: 57 Knutsford Blvd. New Kingston. Kgn. 5/ Lot 9 Howard Cooke Boulevard. Montego Bay
Ph: 876-920-8656/ 876-920-8657, 876-971-5380

Sea Deck
Location: Orchid Village Plaza, 20 Barbarian Road. Kgn. 6
Ph: 876-702-4032

Cardiff Hotel & Spa
Location: 8 Rickets Avenue, Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay
Ph: 876-973-6868 or 876-973-6671

Chill Out Hut Beach Bar & Grill
Location: Long Bay, Greenwood, St. James, Montego Bay
Ph: 876-953-1666, 876-363-5485


Where else to Dig In for RW’s Nyam & Scram Category!


Considering value for money, hunger satisfaction and quick service, Suga endorses the following:

Other than One Love Cafe with their delicious, filling Sandwiches/Wraps and freshly made juices for $1000JMD, there are many other good deals for RW’s Nyam and Scram category.

Asia’s Cafe by York Pharmacy that is open 24 hrs has a Soup, Burger and Dessert combo for $695JMD.

Cafe Blue will be serving a delicious looking Bread pudding combined with a Sandwich/Panini and coffee for $550JMD!

Chilitos Jamexican Food will be serving delicious, filling Quesadillas, Burritos and Tacos that are all served with chips and salsa or cheese and a drink, ranging from $750 to $900JMD.

The popular and affordable lunch spot, Fish Pot will serve Curry Fish and mixed Vegetable rice with a sorbet and Sweet Chili Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables with a sorbet, both for $399JMD. Yum!

The salivating, authentic Jamaican Cuisine spot, M-10 (Barbican) will serve two-dish combos from $875-$980JMD. Curry Goat, Stewed Pork, Peppered steak and more. Bellyfull!

Susie’s Bakery and Coffee Bar will be offering their usual steal of a deal. Chicken Alfredo, Coconut Fish Fillet and Rolled Roast Pork for $995JMD tax included from 11am everyday and you can call 876-968-5030 for pick up!

The Brick Oven will have Sandwich/Patty and Cinnamon Bun/Coconut Rum Cake for $550JMD and $400JMD respectively.

Feeling fancy? The Regency Bar and Lounge will offer between 11am and 5pm for $1100JMD per person plus 10% G.C.T and 10% Service charge, a lunch option and a dessert shot such as their famous Lobster Mac as well as Salmon cakes, Oxtail Tart and Meat Sliders.

Remember you can give your feedback here or go the Restaurant Week Jamaica 2015 index page, choose the Restaurants and rate them.

Dig In!

Contact information and locations for Restaurants mentioned:

One Love Cafe
56 Hope Road. Kingston 6
Ph: (876) 630-1588

Asia’s Cafe
(located inside York Pharmacy), Kingston, Jamaica
Ph: (876) 754-3707

Cafe Blue
1A Sovereign Centre Kingston, Jamaica
106 Hope Road. Kgn. 6
Ph: (876) 901-3477

Fontana Pharmacy, Fairview Montego Bay
Ph: (876) 622-9849

Chilitos Jamexican Food
64 Hope Road Kingston, Jamaica
Ph: (876) 978-0537

Fish Pot
39a Half-Way-Tree Road Kingston, Jamaica
Ph: (876) 908-2193

M-10 Bar and Grill (Barbican)
28 Barbican Road, Kingston 6, St Andrew
Ph: (876)336-6969 or (876)408-5819

Susie’s Bakery and Coffee Bar
2 South Avenue | Southdale Plaza Kingston, Jamaica
Ph: (876) 968-6878

The Brick Oven
49A Hope Road (Beside T.G.I.F.) Kingston, Jamaica
PHONE: (876) 946-2153

The Regency Bar and Lounge
Located at the Terra Nova Hotel – 7 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10
Ph: (876) 926-2211


RW Ambassador Gabby enjoyed One Love Cafe for Nyam and Scram!


Last Saturday, I visited One Love Cafe inside of Bob Marley Museum at about 3:30pm for the Nyam and Scram Category of Restaurant week.

One Love Cafe is offering Sandwiches/Wraps and a Freshly made drink for $1000JMD.

There were only a few people dining including tourists, so I was excited to know I should get through quickly. Not sure if much people know about this spot yet but you should. Easy, accessible parking in the middle of the day on a Saturday and quick service in a comfortable, safe environment.

The dynamic duo of Mood Sky a.k.a. Maurice and Steve greeted me pleasantly and had lovely, rootsy personalities. It was my first visit there and I felt like a regular.

They were out of Fish so I ordered the Jerked Chicken Wrap that was ready within 5 minutes! I had the choice of adding Mozzarella, Pepperjack or Cheddar cheese and I chose the Pepperjack. I chose my veggies as well and was asked if I wanted Pineapple in my Wrap. I am not a fan of Pineapple if I am not eating it just as a fruit, i.e. by itself so said no thanks, but Mood Sky encouraged me to try it because it brings out the taste. He was right! The pineapple complemented the Jerked Chicken in a tasty way, adding even more flavour to the well seasoned Jerked Chicken with the perfect amount of spice. The sauce was nice and quelled the spicy flavour a bit. The Wrap was also a decent size and filling.

Jerked Chicken Wrap and Ginger Lion Juice
Jerked Chicken Wrap and Ginger Lion Juice

They had the Ginger Lion, Carrot and Tamarind juices available. I asked for the Ginger Lion and to ensure I was happy with my choice, Steve offered me a sample that made me even more happy with my decision. He told me it was the better version of a Ginger Beer and it was indeed.

What else does One Love Cafe have to offer on a regular basis?

They have a Plasma screen that displays their menu clearly. They do Melts, Wraps, Burgers and Sandwiches such as Mozzarella and Mushroom Melts, Veggie/Fish/Turkey/Chicken Burgers, Egg Sandwiches, Garden and Chicken salads and more, all for $800JMD or less. Freshly made Juices cost $400JMD and they also make Smoothies for the Fitness Junkies.

It was a refreshing, interactive experience and I look forward to returning. One Love!

One Love Cafe 

(Inside Bob Marley Museum)

56 Hope Road. Kingston 6

Ph: 876-630-1588

L-R: Gabby from Suga Lifestyle and Maurice from One Love Cafe
L-R: Gabby from Suga Lifestyle and Maurice a.k.a Mood Sky from One Love Cafe

Lucky Strike Lounge for the Tasty Category for RWJ!


The Restaurant Week Ambassador Lyme was held last Friday evening and Suga got to Dig In and preview what is coming for Restaurant Week.

For Appetizers, their Deep fried Mac and Cheese balls with codfish drizzled with a Tamarind glaze is tasty and has an interesting sweet aftertaste.

Entrées that look like winners are the Chimichanga (Slivers of jerked pork wrapped in a warm tortilla served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream) and their famous Fried Chicken and Waffles, tender finger grips on fresh Belgian Waffles! Yum!

Note that the Chef loves to make things spicy so that Jerked pork may be hot hot hot like their Seafood bowl that they serve on Wednesday nights.

For Dessert they have Cuban Bread Pudding served with a warm coffee caramel that I hear is quite small in size and more Waffles! A warm Belgian waffle served with your choice ice-cream topped with a warm fruit compote.

So Dig In at Lucky Strike for the Tasty Category, costing $1850JMD (Beverages, G.C.T and Gratuity not included). You may choose any one Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert along with your salad.

Lucky Strike Lounge

Location: 195 C Constant Spring Road (Manor Centre), Kingston 8
Ph: 876-631-9980, 876-631-9797


C&C South Beach, one of many in the Savoury Category for RWJ!

Chicken Seascape

C & C South Beach is one to consider in the Savoury category, costing $2800JMD (*Beverages and GCT not included) for Restaurant Week Jamaica this November 13-21.

Suga visited recently and the quality of food was good and service was decent. The only concern is waiting time, even with a small amount of diners. So Suga endorses C & C South Beach BUT only during a time that may not be busy, perhaps a week day for a late lunch or late dinner. It’s a gamble. Good luck!

For Appetizers, their Chusan Palm Smoked Salmon looks good.

For Entrées, their Chicken Marsala is not a favourite of mine with regards to the taste and I found that it was too saucy, so I do not recommend that dish, however they have other options to please the palate such as the Island Snapper Fillet, Washington Palm Smoked Pork Chop and Lobster Thermidor.

The Crème brûlée and Rum & Raisin Bread Pudding look exciting for dessert.

CC South Beach Restaurant, Sports Bar and Event Venue

Location: 2 Brompton Road. Kingston 5

Ph: 630-4571 or 630-4163