Correction Update for Pork Palooza

Hi Suga Readers,

Two important corrections re Pork Palooza published on Friday, October 30, 2015 have come to my attention. The first was updated on the same day the article was published. Please take special note of the 2nd correction with regards to the judging of the chefs for the night.

  1. It was the organizers and not Alexa Von Strolley that had a treat for patrons with a Copperwood Pork creation! They had something that many people have a weakness for – Bacon! Candied (not Caramelized) bacon. It was the rave of the night. It was in beer cups floating around the venue. Extremely tasty with a unique presentation. It was like picking sweetie out of a candy jar.

2. How exactly did the voting process go?

According to Tina Hamilton, Brand Manager of CB Foods and Nutramix, only the 8 featured chefs were eligible to win Top Hog. Voting was done by the patrons who were given voting tabs at the entrance along with their wrist bands.

Somehow, every patron was not aware, but Ms. Hamilton stated that they were urged to vote for their favorite chef throughout the night by dropping their tab in a voting box provided at the chefs’ stations. These boxes were collected and votes tallied at 10:25pm showing Dale de Lisser as the one with the most votes. Anyone who voted for Dale also got a takeaway gift from Copperwood.

If you missed the review on Pork Palooza or you would like to just read the updated review, click on the link below:

My My My, Fling Back Friday to Pork Palooza!

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