How was the Restaurant Week Jamaica Launch?!!!

The Restaurant Week Jamaica Launch was at Boardwalk Beach last Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. The beach? Interesting choice of venue, but different and breezy. The set up was lovely and I liked it.


Images: Sparkles Productions

The sponsors had their booths buzzing with giveaways, food and drinks galore. Highlights included the Woodbridge and Robert Mondavi wines from Select Brands. Absolut had Vodka flowing and El Dorado had rum flowing. But it was the rum aged for 5 years! It was sponsored, but I believe they could have done better with at least a cask aged 12 years.


FLOW was quite unique with a theatre set up, having guests watch a movie and popcorn available nearby. Jamaica Yellow Pages had unlimited, spicy Oysters that were a hit. They gave away some beach bags as well.


The Jamaica Gleaner had pots of ‘Jus Cool Puddin’ and other goodies. Gas Pro gave away stove lighters and bags too. They had Chicken, Lamb and Pork. I only had the Chicken since that was the only thing left when I went there. It could cause hypertension but the staff there were awesome.

The best Pork was from Copperwood! Definitely a cut above the rest. Lovely sauce and juicy, tender, pork. Close behind was the Pork Belly from C & C South Beach, who really made an effort with their booth. From the Professional banner display and presentation to their variety of food, C & C South Beach did well.


Sea Deck on the other hand had no banner, but a piece of foil with the menu written on it with a marker. Something probably went wrong there or some misunderstanding when they got to the venue. 20151011_161109-1However, it was not totally about the presentation, but what they had to offer. Their food is usually good and it was on Sunday too. There was Roast Fish, Boiled Crabs, well seasoned Beef Kebabs, Crayfish soup and more.


Caffé da Vince disappointed with some bland Beef Lasagne. Patrons would know they can do much better. They had brochures available with their menu though.


Lucky Strike Lounge had tasty offerings of their popular Chicken and Waffles, along with Crabs and small pieces of pudding.

The Cardiff Hotel & Spa from Runaway Bay also impressed with Jerked Chicken Fettuccine and Pudding.


There was a TV by The Gleaner booth displaying the Restaurant Week Website, however, Suga thought some brochures outlining the categories with different restaurants and some highlighted menus would be a nice touch and takeaway from the launch.

Very few Restaurants from the list had booths, as it was mostly sponsors. However there are more events and promotions to look forward to! Stay tuned to Thursday Food in The Jamaica Gleaner and follow

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