Obama gave Jamaica a reality check. Words to remember


The Town Hall Meeting staged at the University of the West Indies, Mona last Thursday for the President of the United States, Barack Obama’s visit, yes I said staged, touched on all the topics we needed to hear about and he wished to talk about. It cannot be a coincidence that Gun control, Foreign Direct Investment, Cuba, China, His Presidency, Marijuana etc. were all addressed. I don’t know how they got him to pick the chosen few from the audience to ask those specific questions, but they did and it was well done. He just randomly picked out the President Elect of the Guild? Really? Also, I rate some Jamaicans, but when have we ever ALL sounded so prepared? Anyhow, that’s just Suga’s conspiracy.

Did you see how Obama eloquently answered questions and had the audience fully engaged? Something I wish our current leaders could do, speak well even when prepared and think sharply on their feet, or just think full stop. As Dr. Michael Abrahams said in his article yesterday, he makes you want to listen to every word that comes out of his mouth. I totally agree.

One thing Suga would like to go into is China. Obama stated that, ‘It is great to have China invest and help make our country better but where we need to get concerned with China is when they start using their size and muscles to force countries like us into subordinate positions. If China is investing in our infrastructure, education and our people, welcome them, but it is important to look at what strings may be attached. They were invited to work here, build roads and ship in their workers, but we do not know the conditions behind the contract made with our Government as to how they were brought here and how it will help is in the long run’. Look around, the Chinese no longer need a permit to work in Jamaica. They are coming in droves. No longer opening tuck shops, wholesales or Chinese food places, but fancy restaurants such as Sea Deck. They are all over our streets, no longer humble, some well dressed now, feeling more and more comfortable, most not caring to learn or speak English, bringing their children up in our system. Will they one day rule? Will we become slaves to the Chinese? Look out Jamaica. It definitely is a concern.

Obama certainly had a lot to say, but the most important things that stuck for me were in order for us to become a better country we need our Government to exercise the following:-

● Transparency

● Clean up Corruption

● Have a good Infrastructure

● Invest in Research, Education, our People and Skilled Workers

Was our Government listening or did his wise words fall on deaf ears? If they do not take heed, we will continue on the very same path, a downward spiral. We must and can do better. Thanks Obama.

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