#JAVOTES2016 happening today!


Starting at 7am, Jamaicans will head to the polls and make their votes. At least it is the hope that the majority of registered voters will exercise their right to vote.

This election does not seem to be a landslide like the previous one. More University students will vote. There are a few swing seats involved. Ask yourselves, ‘why?’.

Will it be JLP or PNP? Each party’s manifesto was published in the paper and is also on their website. Have a look if you haven’t already, since no debates were held. Stay tuned to the news and see what each party has had to say or not say.

Also remember Obama’s wise words of advice to us. Need a reminder? Check Suga’s roundup of his Town hall meeting here:

Obama gave Jamaica a reality check. Words to remember

If you are not eligible to vote, it is too late, however it is not too late to recognize your mistake. Don’t let it happen for the next election. Head to the nearest electoral office near you and get enumerated.

Do not allow persons that get free shirts like it’s Champs or Sports day and fill their stomachs for a few days but don’t know how to find food for the next 5 years be responsible for the majority of votes, which determine not only our future but the future of our children as well.

Ok Jamaica, have fun, or not, reflecting on the last 26 years and who has been responsible for what, but forget about Trafigura, Dudus/Manatt Phelps & Phillips, big houses and light bulbs. Those are currently non-issues. Think about more important issues amd game changers such as the stability and instability of the dollar, FINSAC, the rise and fall of crime and violence, the drop in interest rates from 16% to 9% for past students to be in a better position to pay back the Students’ Loan Bureau, the implementation of the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) during the world’s worst recession since World War II, the continued influx of the Chinese into our country including their ease of settlement, taxes and the rapid deterioration of the quality our health services.

Do you have a Vote? #voteja2016



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