Planning to go to ‘Pizza by Moonlight’ at Moon Hill Tonight? Best you change your Plan!

‘All you can Eat Pizza’ on Wednesdays at Moon Hill have been far too crowded with hardly anything to eat. If you are lucky, you may get to taste one of the pizzas but it is definitely not ‘All you can Eat’ as advertised.

There is no adequate parking. Prepare for a hike up the hill and then a slow process to be banded for entry after you pay $1000JMD. What’s the point of making reservations then? There is no guaranteed seating and a fight to see which pizza is brought out for you to get your hands on.

Thank goodness the quality of the pizza is good though, but not good enough for the desire to return and an overall negative experience for many.



4 thoughts on “Planning to go to ‘Pizza by Moonlight’ at Moon Hill Tonight? Best you change your Plan!”

  1. Good review those of us from country don’t know Kingston. Can you give us some directions to check it out, maybe when it impoves

  2. Thanks for your review of our weekly Pizza by Moonlight function.

    Addressing your negative feedback and warning to other potential patrons to stay away:

    Sadly we are not in a position to add additional parking spaces and parking along the road and hoofing it a bit is an unfortunate reality for many who attend, or at least those who arrive after our small parking area has filled to capacity. We do have a parking attendent who helps ensure the safety of patrons’ vehicles and the patrons themselves. Many don’t find this to be a deterrent.

    I’m sorry you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth. Staffing, even for a small business like Moon Hill, is a challenge, and as we were training several new staff members over the summer this may have impacted the speed with which you were banded for entry and the level of service you experienced from our wait staff. I trust we have ironed out these kinks and others don’t suffer the same shortcomings where the service is concerned.

    Truth be told, the JMD 1,000 we have been charging for entry does not cover the cost of putting on this weekly event, primarily because we don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of our food. This rate will soon increase. We invite you to attend on another occasion and trust you will find the experience has improved and you get value for your money, which is what we pride ourselves on at Moon Hill.

    All the best,
    Moon Hill Events

    1. Great. I have heard recently that the service has indeed improved. Note it was stated that the quality of Pizza is decent. However, really bad service can often overcome good quality food. Happy to hear more positive feedback about the service though. So hopefully SuGa Lifestyle will return soon.
      Thanks for your response and good luck with your event in the future!

      – SuGa Lifestyle

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