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The Best and Worst Looks from the Oscars Red Carpet!

The stars rocked it on the Red Carpet for the Oscars last night. Both the Ladies and the Men did quite well, but of course there were a few fashion disasters.

White and Nudes were popular for the night.

Gina Rodriguez’s dress and how she wore it is what the Oscars are all about! Plunged neckline, sleek ponytail and a dress that dazzled in the right way for her to present under the lights on the Oscars stage.

Best Dressed Nominee

Photo: e!online.com

Nude gone Wrong – Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Photo: e!online.com

Nobody should ever go on the Red Carpet with what looks like Chicken pox!

A few stars wore black, but hardly any of them got it right. Who let St. Vincent out of her bat cave?

Black gone Wrong

Photos: e!online.com

Black gone Wrong or Right?

I am on the fence for Taraji P. Henson in Vera Wang. This is a woman I love to see on the Red carpet. This dress on anyone else would make the Black gone wrong list, but Taraji wears the dress, the dress doesn’t wear her.

Photo: usmagazine.com

Colourful Surprises!

I love Viola Davis, but I don’t think she was Pretty in Pink yesterday. I don’t think the Yellow worked out for Greta Gerwig either. But Betty Gabriel, the help from ‘Get out’ rocked her colourful dress. She looked beautiful.

Photos: e!online.com

Stars who usually get it right!

Sandra Bullock who was in Louis Vuitton, Lupita Nyong’o who actually looked like an Oscar in Versace and Octavia Spencer are usually a pleasure to see. Well done ladies!

L-R: Sandra Bullock, Lupita Nyong’o, Octavia Spencer (Photos: e!online.com)

Other Well Dressed Ladies

Photos: e!online.com

Let’s not forget the Men! It seems like Common can do no wrong on the Red Carpet. No surprises either for Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman. Martin McDonagh looked sleek in All Black Burberry. Young, Timothée Chalamet was a Best Dressed Nominee for me in All White. Jordan Peele, writer and Director of ‘Get Out’ had a big night. He was the first Black male to win Best Original Screenplay.

Well Dressed Men

Photos: e!online.com; Jordan Peele – The Daily Sentinel

Worst Dressed Men 

Of course there were a few fashion disappointments for the men. Adam Rippon was dressed for the wrong kind of party and Darrel Britt-Gibson looked like a Pink Panther.

Photos: e!online.com

Worst Dressed Ladies

For the ladies, Whoopi we love you but you looked like a peacock about to take flight. Others looked like they were draped, literally like curtains. Salma Hayak added chandelier. Emma Stone looked as if she was going to a Pajama party and Bianca Blanco looked nice but I don’t think the dress was appropriate for the Oscars as it left little for the imagination.

Photos: e!online.com; Bianca Blanco – express.co.uk

THE Worst Dressed Lady

Where was Haley Bennett going?! The Oscars are not in Hawaii.

Photo: e!online.com

Best Dressed Male

For Suga, Best Dressed Male hands-down went to Armie Hammer in Armani. He rocked his red velvet from head to toe. Bravo!

Photos: e!online.com

Best Dressed Ladies

Other than Gina Rodriguez mentioned earlier, these ladies were Best Dressed Nominees! Hard to choose a winner. Jane Fonda was stunning in 44 Francois Premier. Mary J. Blige who acted in Mudbound looked absolutely chic in  Versace. Allison Janney who played the Mother in ‘Get Out’ was the best Lady in Red. Nicole Kidman was fabulous in Armani Privé and definitely the Best in Blue.

Photos: e!online.com

See you next year!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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The Best and the Worst of the Grammys Red Carpet

The Red Carpet for the Grammys in New York yesterday was like a circus. I get that for the Grammys artists, models and actresses tend to want to bring out their artistic side or style, but I think the ladies went overboard. It was hard to narrow down the worst looks but I will give you some highlights.

The Men had a few outcasts, but in general, they were not too shabby.

Let’s start with the Worst Dressed Ladies.

Black gone Wrong!

Images: e!online

Too Much and Too Little!

Images: e!online

I get that Sza, new artist on the block wanted to make a statement but sometimes less is more. The hair out along with all that was hanging off the dress was just too much.

Kimberly Schlapman was not Pretty in Pink. Is that a Hippo face on her stomach?

Tina Campbell in Red Velvet. Not bad, but the carpet is already red. So did she have to wear red shoes too?! Mix it up a little.

Tiffany Reid was way too simple. The Grammys isn’t a Birthday party.

Worst Dressed Lady!

So hard to choose, but out of these 3 ladies I give the edge to Pink because she should know better.

Images: e!online

Well Dressed Ladies

Miley Cyrus rocked her pants suit and Cardi B cleaned up well.

I hesitated to put Coco and Janelle in this category, but with a second look I appreciated their get up. Coco’s dress could be looked at as borderline raunchy, but if you have it flaunt it and she flaunted that hourglass figure well, accentuated with pink lips. Janelle almost looked like she should have been in a bullpen in Spain, but always carries herself with so much poise and I think she pulled off the crazy design Dolce & Gabbana had in mind.

Images: e!online

Best Dressed Lady

Lady Gaga in Armani Privé!

Some persons may have thought it was too much, but I think she made a statement in this dress and the right one. So couture!

Images: e!online

These Artists are so Unique they can pull off just about anything!

Images: e!online

Worst Dressed Men

I think Lil Uzi took the cake. I can’t even describe what he was wearing.

Gold Link was the rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean gone wrong and Sam Smith looked like the tallest Leprechaun I’ve ever seen.

Images: e!online

What were these Men thinking with these Shoes?!

Khalid (Images: e!online)
Thomas Rhett (Images: e!online)

Well Dressed Men

Images: e!online

Best Dressed Men

Images: e!online

Best Couple!

The Queen B and Jay-Z


There you have it folks!

Until next year!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Who Stole the Red Carpet at the Oscars 2017?!

Suga found it easy to narrow down the winners for the Men – Andrew Garfield and Mahershala Ali who looked sharp on the Red Carpet! What are these dapper men featured in?

Check out Andrew in Hacksaw Ridge. It’s a good one. I saw Andrew play a War hero without using a gun in the war. Interesting angle. Good movie directed by Mel Gibson.

Mahershali Ali is featured in the controversial, Moonlight.


Quite a few ladies took it to the Red Carpet but the winners for Suga were Karlie Kloss (model) and Viola Davis who won her first Oscar for Fences that also features Denzel Washington.


Special mention goes to the following ladies:


Lastly, we cannot forget two of our favourite couples with the ladies looking lovely post pregnancy – Justin Timberlake with Jessica Biel (L) and John Legend with Chriss Tiegan (R).


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Suga’s Best Dressed Ladies for the Oscars 2016


Charlize Theron looked refreshingly elegant as usual in Dior Haute Couture.

Kerry Washington was unique in Versace, but hey, she could look good in a garbage bag.


Then there was Olivia Wilde, who looked bold and took the plunge in Valentino. The back of the dress was EVERYTHING as Kelly Osbourne would say on E! See if Suga was right on E!’s Fashion Police tonight!




Joan Rivers is Gone at 81 years old but definitely will not be forgotten

Joan Rivers who started the Trademark Red Carpet Question, ‘What are you wearing?’, went to do a simple in and out endoscopy procedure on her throat last week and went into an unexpected Cardiac Arrest. She was hospitalised for the last 8 days and put on life support. Her family made the tough decision of ending that today and now the comedian we all know is gone at the age of 81.

Friday nights definitely will not be the same for many, familiarly know as ‘Joan Rangers’ who watch Fashion Police on E!, as well as the Mondays after Sunday Award shows. She will be absolutely irreplaceable.

She has been rightfully described as ‘Viciously funny’ and ‘Brutally honest’.

Though its best with her delivery, let us remember some of her hilarious one-liners that went something like….. :

Lindsay Lohan exits rehab and Joan immediately asked, ‘I can’t believe those are the shoes she chose to take her first 12 steps in!’

Beyonce cut her hair -> Joan:  ‘That’s the second biggest cut she has made in her life after cutting out Michelle and Kelly first’

Joan was asked on The View why she had a patch over one of her eyes, she quickly replied with her raspy voice, ‘Because it got stuck on Al Roker’s zipper.’

SuGa Lifestyle wishes to say: ‘Rest In Peace Joan, we will miss you! Thanks for the many laughs and for helping to change the face of fashion. You will forever be remembered as a true icon and legend and for always keeping it painfully and hilariously real. Condolences to Melissa, The Fashion Police fam, and other family, coworkers and friends.’