The Best and the Worst of the Grammys Red Carpet

The Red Carpet for the Grammys in New York yesterday was like a circus. I get that for the Grammys artists, models and actresses tend to want to bring out their artistic side or style, but I think the ladies went overboard. It was hard to narrow down the worst looks but I will give you some highlights.

The Men had a few outcasts, but in general, they were not too shabby.

Let’s start with the Worst Dressed Ladies.

Black gone Wrong!

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Too Much and Too Little!

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I get that Sza, new artist on the block wanted to make a statement but sometimes less is more. The hair out along with all that was hanging off the dress was just too much.

Kimberly Schlapman was not Pretty in Pink. Is that a Hippo face on her stomach?

Tina Campbell in Red Velvet. Not bad, but the carpet is already red. So did she have to wear red shoes too?! Mix it up a little.

Tiffany Reid was way too simple. The Grammys isn’t a Birthday party.

Worst Dressed Lady!

So hard to choose, but out of these 3 ladies I give the edge to Pink because she should know better.

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Well Dressed Ladies

Miley Cyrus rocked her pants suit and Cardi B cleaned up well.

I hesitated to put Coco and Janelle in this category, but with a second look I appreciated their get up. Coco’s dress could be looked at as borderline raunchy, but if you have it flaunt it and she flaunted that hourglass figure well, accentuated with pink lips. Janelle almost looked like she should have been in a bullpen in Spain, but always carries herself with so much poise and I think she pulled off the crazy design Dolce & Gabbana had in mind.

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Best Dressed Lady

Lady Gaga in Armani Privé!

Some persons may have thought it was too much, but I think she made a statement in this dress and the right one. So couture!

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These Artists are so Unique they can pull off just about anything!

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Worst Dressed Men

I think Lil Uzi took the cake. I can’t even describe what he was wearing.

Gold Link was the rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean gone wrong and Sam Smith looked like the tallest Leprechaun I’ve ever seen.

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What were these Men thinking with these Shoes?!

Khalid (Images: e!online)
Thomas Rhett (Images: e!online)

Well Dressed Men

Images: e!online

Best Dressed Men

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Best Couple!

The Queen B and Jay-Z


There you have it folks!

Until next year!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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