The Best and Worst Looks from the Oscars Red Carpet!

The stars rocked it on the Red Carpet for the Oscars last night. Both the Ladies and the Men did quite well, but of course there were a few fashion disasters.

White and Nudes were popular for the night.

Gina Rodriguez’s dress and how she wore it is what the Oscars are all about! Plunged neckline, sleek ponytail and a dress that dazzled in the right way for her to present under the lights on the Oscars stage.

Best Dressed Nominee

Photo: e!

Nude gone Wrong – Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Photo: e!

Nobody should ever go on the Red Carpet with what looks like Chicken pox!

A few stars wore black, but hardly any of them got it right. Who let St. Vincent out of her bat cave?

Black gone Wrong

Photos: e!

Black gone Wrong or Right?

I am on the fence for Taraji P. Henson in Vera Wang. This is a woman I love to see on the Red carpet. This dress on anyone else would make the Black gone wrong list, but Taraji wears the dress, the dress doesn’t wear her.


Colourful Surprises!

I love Viola Davis, but I don’t think she was Pretty in Pink yesterday. I don’t think the Yellow worked out for Greta Gerwig either. But Betty Gabriel, the help from ‘Get out’ rocked her colourful dress. She looked beautiful.

Photos: e!

Stars who usually get it right!

Sandra Bullock who was in Louis Vuitton, Lupita Nyong’o who actually looked like an Oscar in Versace and Octavia Spencer are usually a pleasure to see. Well done ladies!

L-R: Sandra Bullock, Lupita Nyong’o, Octavia Spencer (Photos: e!

Other Well Dressed Ladies

Photos: e!

Let’s not forget the Men! It seems like Common can do no wrong on the Red Carpet. No surprises either for Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman. Martin McDonagh looked sleek in All Black Burberry. Young, Timothée Chalamet was a Best Dressed Nominee for me in All White. Jordan Peele, writer and Director of ‘Get Out’ had a big night. He was the first Black male to win Best Original Screenplay.

Well Dressed Men

Photos: e!; Jordan Peele – The Daily Sentinel

Worst Dressed Men 

Of course there were a few fashion disappointments for the men. Adam Rippon was dressed for the wrong kind of party and Darrel Britt-Gibson looked like a Pink Panther.

Photos: e!

Worst Dressed Ladies

For the ladies, Whoopi we love you but you looked like a peacock about to take flight. Others looked like they were draped, literally like curtains. Salma Hayak added chandelier. Emma Stone looked as if she was going to a Pajama party and Bianca Blanco looked nice but I don’t think the dress was appropriate for the Oscars as it left little for the imagination.

Photos: e!; Bianca Blanco –

THE Worst Dressed Lady

Where was Haley Bennett going?! The Oscars are not in Hawaii.

Photo: e!

Best Dressed Male

For Suga, Best Dressed Male hands-down went to Armie Hammer in Armani. He rocked his red velvet from head to toe. Bravo!

Photos: e!

Best Dressed Ladies

Other than Gina Rodriguez mentioned earlier, these ladies were Best Dressed Nominees! Hard to choose a winner. Jane Fonda was stunning in 44 Francois Premier. Mary J. Blige who acted in Mudbound looked absolutely chic in  Versace. Allison Janney who played the Mother in ‘Get Out’ was the best Lady in Red. Nicole Kidman was fabulous in Armani Privé and definitely the Best in Blue.

Photos: e!

See you next year!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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