NFL’s Wild Card Playoff Weekend Roundup!


In the AFC Wild Card Playoffs, the Chiefs smoked the Texans, 30-0. 17 out of 22 passes were completed by Chiefs QB, Alex Smith, while Texans QB, Brian Hoyer threw 4 interceptions. The Chiefs will face the Patriots next Saturday at 4:35pm.

The Steelers edged out the Bengals, 18-16. It looked like the Bengals were going to win but turnovers costed Bengals the game. The Steelers will face the Broncos next Saturday at 4:40pm.

For the NFC Wild Card Playoffs, the Seahawks recovered from a 9-0 deficit in the 4th quarter to beat the Vikings 10-9! The turnover forced by Chancellor and the TD conversion after Wilson recovered from a fumble were turning points in the game. The Vikings had many missed opportunities and then the Seahawks lucked out in the end of the game when Walsh of the Vikings kicked the Field Goal far left of the post, handing the game to the Seahawks. The Seahawks will face the head of the division, the Panthers, next Sunday at 1:05pm.

The Packers got off to a slow start trailing the Redskins but Rodgers found his throw, defense and offense were strong thoughout the second half of the game. It just kept getting better and better for the Packers to the point where Rodgers was smiling from ear to ear, which isn’t a frequent sight. Lacy had exceptional runs, with both him and Starks scoring touchdowns. Cobb and Adams had some good catches and kicker, Crosby was consistent. A total team effort. Great end to the NFL’s Wild Card Playoff Weekend!

The Packers will face the Cardinals next Sunday at 8:15pm.


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