Suga Tasters, Tennyson and Ashleigh Arnold enjoy a Michelin Star Dish in Singapore!

Suga introduces you to Suga Tasters, Tennyson and Ashleigh Arnold!

Suga Tasters, Tennyson and Ashleigh Arnold at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore in September 2019. [📸: Ten80p Photography (Ig: @ten80p_photography)]
The Arnolds have been married for 6 years. Tennyson proposed to Ashleigh in flight, so how appropriate that their anniversary celebrations usually take them on a trip to see more of the world. This September, they chose Singapore, Bali and Vietnam.

At home in Kingston, Jamaica, they enjoy eating casually at Uncorked and for special occasions, The Terrace at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston and The Sugar Mill Restaurant in Montego Bay.

Suga has had the pleasure of being out with the A-Team and can tell you that these foodies have an insatiable love for all cuisines and they always have room for Dessert!

Suga Taster, Ashleigh Arnold’s Rating for Hawker Chan, China Town, Singapore

Date and time of visit: September 27, 2019 @ 2pm 
No. of diners: 2 adults


Hawker Chan gets an overall Value for $ rating of 4/5.


Hawker Chan is in the China Town Food Centre in Singapore and serves as a feature of Singapore’s culinary offerings and culture. It can be regarded as a walk-in fast food restaurant and was awarded by Singapore’s Best Foods in 2017. Their primary concern seems to be getting as many plates out as quickly as possible, given the long lines versus Décor, Professional Service, Cleanliness and Comfort.

Suga Taster, Ashleigh’s Breakdown!

Hawker Chan, formally known as Liao Fan Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken and Noodle, is the world’s first Hawker to be awarded a Michelin Star! It is located in the China Town Food Centre, China Town, Singapore. The dish for which they were awarded a Michelin Star is the Singapore favourite, Chicken and Rice, which, though simple, is exceptionally flavourful. It stands out as one of the most tender pieces of chicken we have ever eaten. This is a must try while in Singapore, where every savoury bite is worth the long cues that one has to endure for a US$8 meal!
Hawker Chan’s Michelin star dish, Chicken and rice.

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