NEW Commissioned Masterpiece by GW Art!


GW Art’s ‘Natty Music 2’ – Framed Acrylic on (18*24)” canvas

GW Art has found a happy home once again!

‘Natty Music 2’ was painted by Gabby from GW Art last week as a commissioned piece from the GW Art original ‘Natty Music’ that had ‘Rasta’ colours in the background, red, yellow and green. Some acrylic texture was added to this black and white version as well!

GW Art’s Inspiration for Painting Natty Music:

Jamaican men with dreadlocks are sometimes called ‘natty dreads’. From their youth or as early as in the womb, music is already a part of them because it is a part of their families. As they mature, some become songwriters, as creative words are used to make natural, mystical music flow from their head.

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By: Gabrielle Burgess

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