What you NEED to Know about The MONEY Fight Tomorrow!


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The MONEY Fight is only ONE Day away!

The undefeated, 40 year old Floyd Mayweather that has come out of retirement


UFC Flag bearer and two-weight Champion, Conor McGregor



Place, Time and Channel

The multi-million dollar fight will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Showtime starts at 9pm for local folks on FOX Premium for both DigiPLAY and FLOW. The other channels showing the Fight such as Showtime etc. are likely to be blocked. So if you don’t have it, you need to subscribe or catch it online and stream it to your Tv.

Pre-Fight Drama

The experts do not expect the Fight to be competitive but Irish man, Conor McGregor who has a history of winning by early K.Os, has built up quite the anticipation with a lot of confidence going into the fight. He surely has done his marketing job.

Tempers have been flaring because McGregor expected to do a face-off like the fighters who will be going on before them, but that did not happen. So when McGregor saw Mayweather he asked him if he was afraid. Then there was apparently an exchange of words and a lot of pushing and shoving.


The Weigh In

Both will do their Weigh In this afternoon at 3pm! Mayweather thinks McGregor will miss the light-middle weight limit of 154. Mayweather chooses his opponents carefully and pays attention to their camp to remain undefeated. So according to him and his sources, McGregor was 10 pounds over the weight limit just 3 or so days ago.  McGregor and his trainers are not worried and think he will hit within the weight limit with regards to their formula and how his weight has been in the past.

Not to worry though. If he misses the weight limit, the fight is still ON! But McGregor will face a hefty fine.

They will be playing with lighter gloves and McGregor thinks it will be to his advantage. He says he will knock Mayweather out in 2 Rounds now instead of 4!

What are the ODDS?!

Vegas Experts have Mayweather to win by Decision since it is likely he will follow his usual strategy of boxing defensively early. Once he takes the fight deep, McGregor normally becomes vulnerable as he tires.

The ODDS ranging in Vegas for McGregor to win are 33-40/1 and 20-25 for Mayweather to win.

Who’s your MONEY on?!

Enjoy and Please Drink Responsibly.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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