Super Bowl 51 is getting Closer! Who are your Winning Picks for this Weekend?


Super Bowl LI is getting closer! Mark your Calendars and get the BBQ grills ready for Sunday February 5th!

Leading up to that another exciting get-together Sunday will be the NFC and AFC Championships on Sunday, January 22.

So who are your picks?

Suga thinks the Patriots (#1 seed AFC division) will head straight to the Super Bowl and would like them to meet the Packers. Patriots should roll over the Texans this weekend.

A Vegas Pro predicted that the Falcons (#2 seed NFC Division) will take it all. Hopefully that prediction doesn’t come through. The Falcons will face the Seahawks who are fading away this year.

The Steelers destroyed the Dolphins but their QB was limping. He claims he is alright now though and has not been seen limping. We will see if they can manage the Chiefs.

It’s time for the Hail Mary King, Aaron Rodgers to get a ring! Did you see how they destroyed the Giants last weekend?! 38-13 was the score. Rodgers came close last year in the NFC Championship vs. the Seahawks but he had a strained calf, preventing him from moving around on the field. He couldn’t even run. It was hard to watch. The Packers will have to shut up those mouthy Cowboys. The Cowboys came into the Playoffs as the #1 seed in the NFC Division and are certainly seeking revenge versus the Packers who sent them packin’ last year with a QB who couldn’t run.

Enjoy the Weekend and Drink Responsibly.

By: Gabrielle Burgess
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