Who won the 1st Presidential Debate and why does the Loser still have a chance to win?!

I am sure most persons were glued to their televisions last night to watch the 1st US Presidential Debate with Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Sadly it was mostly to see the show that Trump was likely to put on and did put on. 

Trump failed to answer questions asked, made up words such as ‘bigly’ along the way and well, was just himself. He actually didn’t do so badly in the first half hour but as he took the bait thrown to him by Hillary more and more he lost the last hour making Hillary the victor.

They clashed on taxes, law and order, terrorism and more.

Hillary’s answers showed she did her research and also had answers as to why certain ideas of Trump relating to Law and Order such as the ‘Stop and Frisk’ would not work as they didn’t before.

This is just the beginning though as there are 2 more debates to come. Suga believes the debates will be similar and may even have a similar outcome, but it may not even greatly affect the result of the election. The polls may still be marginal.

Trump threw a crucial punch last night at Hillary saying she may have a lot of experience but it is bad experience, pertaining mainly to negotiating the IRAN deal, supporting NAFTA and more.

He clearly crammed a lot of statistics as he kept stating, I just read this and I just read that, BUT the statistics he wasn’t afraid to show were the thousands of troops who he claimed just endorsed him as well as thousands of others. Instead of campaigning with ads like Hillary, Trump is talking to the people. Grassroots Politics. We all know how that works in Jamaica. So this should be a concern to Hillary in terms of the tactics she chooses to go forward with and she should be concerned about her endorsement figures as well.

Until the next debate, stay tuned…Sunday, October 9th at 8pm EST!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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