Tragedy on the field during Manning Cup Football match yesterday

Dominic James

Suga would like to send heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, teammates and football coach of Dominic James. 

Dominic James was the Captain of St. George’s College Football team, who collapsed on the field yesterday just after about a minute of play in a Manning Cup match versus Excelsior High School at Stadium East. He was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where almost an hour later the extremely shocking and sad news broke that the young, 17-year old did not survive his unknown condition. 

It is obvious that he had exemplary qualities to be the Captain. A transfer from Jamaica College, he was a leader and someone his teammates could look up to and relate to and of course an overall good student.

Praying for Dominic’s family and his St. George’s family. Hoping that the entire team or others that may be affected by such a sudden tragedy get counselling if necessary and they are strong enough to rise above this.

Rest in Peace Dominic James. Gone too soon.


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