200m Finals Today and more at The National Stadium!

The track will heat up again today even without Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt is ranked 3rd in the world for the 200m and according to the JAAA rule he can therefore seek medical exemption from the 200m, once in the top 3 in the world. He will have to prove his fitness in the 200m as well before RIO.

The ladies are looking good for the 400m. It should be a showdown. Christine Day and Stephenie McPherson have been showing they are the ones to beat but it’s all about the final. Will Shericka Jackson and Novlene Williams-Mills have answers for them?

For the 200m men, Warren Weir still looks wary coming off of injury. Can he make it to Rio? Yohan Blake looked the best yesterday, quite comfortable with 20.30s. Nickel Ashmeade and Julian Forte are the other athletes expected to step up for 2nd and 3rd.

Ironically, Nickel Ashmeade seemed to have a false start in the 200m last night, though there was a slight possiblity there could have been a fault with the blocks. Looks like he was ‘given the benefit of the doubt’ and got off with a warning. Hopefully the false start drama doesn’t follow him to the final, though Friday night for the 100m there was no doubt about it that Livermore was the culprit for the false start.

For the 200m ladies, Shelly is in it but still not herself. Elaine looks just as good in the 200m and should take the win. Simone Facey looks good as well but did she put out too much too early like how she did in the 100m? She secured a good lane though as she ran hard to finish ahead of Shelly in her semi final. Veterans Kerron Stewart and VCB are also going for it. However it looks like age has finally caught up with VCB. She can still put fast times out there but she is suffering to produce them after the rounds.

The 100m hurdles women final should also be a treat. Is World Champ Danielle Williams ready?

Here is your schedule. Have fun Jamaica! 

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