Jamaican Athletes under scrutiny for skipping races while US Athletes burn up the track at their Trials

All the foreigners and locals who bought their tickets to watch our talented Jamaicans at the National Stadium over the weekend were left disappointed.

Not only did Usain Bolt pull out of the 100 and 200m due to a Grade 1 Hamstring tear but so did Elaine Thompson. Why? She hasn’t even made her name fully on the International circuit, not that who you are should exempt you, but it is alleged she just felt a twinge somewhere. Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce also pulled out of the 200m but it is known she has been battling with a toe injury. So now she just has to put all her eggs in one basket for the 100m in a packed field. Gamble much?

It is said that Elaine Thompson will get exempted. What kind of effect will this have on future trials? I think the rules will be changed or restrictions will be put in place so athletes know they need to perform if a severe injury was not declared before the trials or it will be a free for all.

Mike Rogers of the USA certainly had a lot to say about Usain Bolt not running, along the lines that he should run because they don’t get that option, they wouldn’t be exempted. Perhaps he should have been spending more time preparing to make it to RIO to run in the 100m instead of running his mouth because he ran 10 flat, failing to qualify in the top 3 last night.

So yes, let us talk about where the US athletes are at. They are looking quite good. The ladies have a strong team and should win the 4×100m unless they have a mishap. All eyes were on Tori Bowie, the favourite, Tianna Bartoletta who also qualified for the Long jump and English Gardner. Bowie started out ahead, then came Bartoletta but at the end of the race English Gardner passed them all in 10.74s! Bartoletta and Bowie clocked 10.78s. Impressive.

Women’s 100m at the US trials last night

English Gardner after many disappointments is certainly determined and coming hard for RIO. After the race you can usually expect some antics from the Americans. She made the motion of eating food from her plate to the camera. She definitely has bulked up in size, so does that mean that eating some food did it? Or is she familiar with the Jamaican saying and was telling rhe world and Jamaica that ‘she jus eat dem (Bartoletta and Bowie) food’? Who knows. But she is on our radar.

Dafne Schippers who Jamaicans call the ‘Dutchie’ will be running the 100m this Friday at a Manchester meet at about 7pm.

For the US men’s 100m, Gatlin who is now greying at 34 years old ran 9.83s in the semifinal and lowered that time to win the final in 9.80s. Trayvon Bromell clocked 9.84s and Marvin Bracy clocked  9.98s. Mouthy Mike Rogers came 4th in 10.00s and Tyson Gay, 5th. We are not worried about their 4×100m team though.

The antics after the race? Justin Gatlin said they are going to get the 1-2-3! Hilarious. Looks like he is greying and becoming even more delusional.

Moving on to the 400m Men. La Shawn Merritt is back! He won in 43.97s, the only sub -40 time this year. Not even the Donkey man can catch that for Jamaica. We also have South Africa and Grenada to think about.


In the heats of the Women’s 400m, the Jamerican Sanya Richards Ross could not complete. Quite unfortunate as she was looking to qualify for her last Olympics but has been suffering from a Hamstring injury. This was her goodbye to fans on social media:







So who took it? Felix the cat of course. Allyson Felix suffered a severe ankle injury months ago but she isn’t going anywhere. It is known how much of a fierce competitor she is. Felix came around the curb in 4th and Hastings was way ahead. She somehow found another gear and burnt up the stretch to win in 49.68s, breaking sub 50! Our athletes are nowhere near that time. Can’t touch our ladies for the 4×400m though. Strength in numbers. Phyllis Francis came 2nd for the USA followed by Natasha Hastings who usually goes out too fast and does not have enough for the finish.

Felix will be contesting the 200m later this week.

It’s going to be quite a summer!




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