Gold and Bronze to start the Medal Tally for Jamaica in Beijing!


Congratulations to our first medal winner of the World Championships in Beijing 2015, O’Dayne Richards for winning the Bronze in Shot Put! A first for Jamaica at a senior World Championship, as we now start to widen our dominance in the sport. Richards finished with 21.69, a new National record. He set the mark going into the lead at one point, putting the pressure on the American and German to surpass that mark. They went on to go over the 22 mark, which Richards says his aim is for the future.


Now, for the race the world was waiting for. The Legendary USAIN BOLT delivered, winning the Men’s 100m Men’s Final in Beijing in 9.79s ahead of Justin Gatlin’s 9.80s! The odds were against him to win. Literally. 1.85 to Justin Gatlin and 1.90 to Usain Bolt. Usain has been plagued with injuries and has hardly been able to compete all season. This should be difficult for any athlete to recover from, much less win. His last race was in London at a Diamond League meet, where he ran 9.87s. So I understand the feeling of doubt by Jamaicans and others. But if there was no sign of panic in Usain’s camp, the ‘BIG MAN’ said he was ready and from you watched his heat on Saturday morning, that doubt should have vanished. Nerves were there, naturally more than usual with a fake smile and less jovial antics at the start, however his confidence was there as well.

Gatlin now, has been practically running sub 9.8 all season. But guess what? He did not do that after rounds. Those were one-off races without the pressure of the real ‘Big Man’, Usain Bolt. Gatlin tightened up from 50m. We all know that if Bolt is ahead at 50m, with the start he had, it means ‘Catch me if you can’. Seeing the race slip away from him even further and possible memories of the last time he met and was beat by Bolt in Moscow 2013, Gatlin literally buckled under the pressure and started begging for the line from about 10m out.

If Gatlin focused on his own race instead of watching Bolt, could he have clipped Bolt at the line? No. Suga thinks Bolt would have felt him coming and since he has now been described as a super hero, would have flown across the line. Anyhow, ‘coulda, shoulda, never’! Gatlin just never won and no matter what he tried, running his own race or not, he would not have beat Bolt in that final. Who told him to run 9.77 in the semis and overwork his legs? Unnecessary and foolish. If Bolt didn’t stumble and have to run hard to play catch up and win in his semi-final, the outcome could have been even more embarrassing for Gatlin. So he messed up and he knew it. All those sub 9.8s didn’t matter after the final yesterday. He could not beat the ‘World Boss’, hence the choking back of tears in one of his interviews afterwards. You would think he would humble himself now, but not at all after various delusional tweets about how he let Bolt win and he will break the World record in Rio etc. Remember Gatlin, we still have the 200m to go!

Oh wait, the usual question after a 100m major final is finished, where was Asafa? The ‘Sub 10 King’ failed to live up to his title by placing 7th in 10.00s. He ran to the line this time though. It is clear after a hard run in the semis with Tyson Gay that his legs just did not have any more strength to medal in the final. I have thought for a long time that Asafa should attempt the 200m to develop more endurance in the 100m. Sadly it may be too late for that now, as age is not on his side. But thanks for at least making a decent effort this time.

Speaking of 200m, if Usain decides to run, he is ready. Look out for the Canadian, De Grasse, as Suga thinks he is even better at the 200m than the 100m, so will be a threat to Jamaica’s Warren Weir and even Gatlin.

Continue to enjoy the Championships and stay tuned to Suga Lifestyle! Now let us watch that 100m final AGAIN!

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