The Chocolate Man from Mount Pleasant Farm has competition with UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread!


Remember Coffee and Cocoa farmer, Averell French? His Chocolate Spread, Dark and Milk chocolate bars won Best New Food Item at the Table Talk Observer Food Awards last year as Mr. French wowed the judges, including yours truly, with Dark chocolate, White chocolate and paired the Chocolate spread with bread and fruits such as grapes, paw paw and melon. The products including the spread have a long shelf life, so they were a nominee for Best Producer as well. Suga still thinks the Chocolate spread puts Nutella to shame and is absolutely addictive!

However, there is a new product on the market, UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread! June Gottgens, Mogul in the Making Nominee for the Table Talk Observer Food Awards this year, has been striving to boost Jamaica’s economy, in particular, our coconut and cocoa industries. Under the brand UMIUM, Gottgens’ Coconut Chocolate Spread is available in about 30 supermarkets across the island. Just last weekend, samples were being given out in Sovereign supermarket. The taste? It ain’t no Nutella or Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers Chocolate spread, but it is good. It is tasty AND nutritious. Great nutrition facts compared to Nutella that is filled with refined sugar. Can’t speak too much to the nutrition facts of Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers Chocolate spread because I don’t know of any advertised nutrition label, but they market their product as being made with 100% dark chocolate using whole beans full of antioxidants, nutrients and flavour. So it seems to be more nutritious than Nutella as well. However, UMIUM is low in Saturated fat, has 0 Cholesterol and most importantly, is low in sugar. It even has a bit of fiber.

So, check it out! UMIUM can be found in the Hi-Lo Supermarket chain and most of the Progressive Grocers and may go international in 2016! Support Brand Jamaica.

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