Survival…. A Wedding Vegan Style!

More from ‘canrachelbeflawless’. Saffron Indian Cuisine to the rescue, Jinx has nothing to say with Rachel wining on Sean Paul and more!


I am writing this seriously hungover and with the worst case of the fear EVER!!!!!!!!! The good news is, I survived the the wedding vegan style (hubby is called me a VAGATARIAN these days- interchangeable with RASTA). The bad news is, I whined (Jamaican style dancing) up on Sean Paul- yes the artiste… on stage at our friends wedding.. the shame, mortification- how I did not get a bitch slap from his wife is beyond me! and all the while Hubby looking on taking a video which will NOT appear anywhere- so proud of his wife… #mostcringeworthymoment. Sean Paul being the very humble gentleman very kindly humored my drunken whining however in his head, he must have been thinking… ewww get this drunken lout away from me! I do not have any idea what possessed me.. anyway it is giving a lot of people a lot of laughs today…

Sean Paul


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