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Screenshot_2015-04-22-00-57-40-1 was launched in December 2011. It is an effective way to purchase Event tickets in Jamaica. Persons can also get exclusive Giveaways and Early Bird specials from some of Yard Ticket’s event partners.

Events span a range of categories such as Corporate Events, Parties, Premium All Inclusives, Festivals and Theatre. So everyone can benefit according to their preference in recreational or networking activities.

Tickets are on sale now for Father Ho Lung’s KING DAVID. Look out for Rebel Salute Early Bird tickets soon. Tickets for Zen Tropicale in the summer and Nirvana in Christmas, Absinthe, Twisted Spiritz, Beach Bums and more are usually available on is currently negotiating the sale of tickets for other Theatre productions, Sporting events and Parties. So look forward to even more options in the near future! pleases both the buyer and the seller, as the website is not only a medium to sell tickets, but to advertise as well. Each promoter gains immediate access to funds thus aiding in successful planning and execution of their event. The cost of printing tickets will be significantly reduced and of course, their funds will be more secure as a result of reducing the back and forth of ticket agents or ambassadors with funds.

So with all these advantages, is the website secure? Is there a chance that credit cards will be compromised? Do not worry. In their 3 years of operation, there has been no detection of hacking or fraud to date. Yard Ticket uses the NCB Credit Card platform, keeping account information safe and all transactions take place in 128-bit encryption supported by Geo Trust and Credit Card protection by 3-D secure. Say what? It will take hackers quite a bit of time to get by 128 encryptions and it should be detected at some point along the way. Therefore Yard Ticket ensures you are completely protected from abuse and it is just as safe as shopping on Amazon or Ebay.

So forget about wasting time and gas in traffic to buy pre-sold tickets or inconveniencing yourself by leaving the house earlier in a grand rush to catch the gate where available tickets are not guaranteed. ‘Search. Click. Buy’ with!

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