What is Le Dîner en Blanc? (Part 1)

Francois Pasquier started the concept of Le Dîner en Blanc in 1988 in Paris with a simple gathering of friends, all dressed in white to identify each other in a public place to have a picnic. The event gained momentum as friends invited more friends and it spread to other locations in Paris and eventually various cities, provinces etc. around the world. For instance, Montreal, New York, Brisbane, Québec, Barcelona, Boston and Sydney to name a few.

The event is designed to promote Ethics and Values, Friendship, Secrecy, Effort, Joie de Vivre (The joy of living), Heritage and Magic.

Here is the breakdown of the concept:

– Hosts usually include a who’s who of influencers in various spheres. There will also be volunteers.

– Hosts and volunteers invite their friends and family to the picnic, then any space that’s left goes to those on the waiting list

– Organizers and volunteers are informed of the location only hours prior to the dinner, but other attendees would not know until they arrive via transportation provided by Dîner en Blanc

– The location should be an amazing place. For instance, a Dîner en Blanc has occurred at the Eiffel Tower

– The event has no limitation in terms of culture or age

– ~1000 persons carry tables and chairs, gourmet food and wine

– Persons arrive dressed in all white and are guided to pre-assigned seating by table leaders

– Persons set up their white tables, chairs and tablecloths; as well as china and silverware

– Persons wave their white dinner napkins and begin to eat

– Persons drink only wine or champagne and socialize

– Persons light sparklers once dinner is complete to light up the night and to open the dance floor for the party

– Persons party and dance the night away

– Persons will clean up, pack up, then head out

It has also been observed that persons become quite comfortable talking with each other, carry personal fans and intricate table arrangements or decor.

See the video below:

Le Dîner en Blanc International – English Version: http://youtu.be/9D6Uv1Vcvus

Of course, Jamaicans love to copy everything. But in this case, why not? It is an excellent concept. Stay tuned for ‘What is Le Dîner en Blanc – Part 2’ as Suga Lifestyle breaks down Jamaica’s good and not so good plans, credit card fiascos and more.

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