‘Amashika and Friends’ clean up Wag Water River

Newly inducted member of the Rotaract Club of Kingston, Amashika Lorne, organised a clean up of the Wag Water River for her birthday with friends. She had 42 volunteers, including 2 who were disabled.

55 garbage bags and other huge items like tyres, pieces of furniture, buckets, refrigerators etc. were collected.

Amashika’s commendable act did not stop there. After the clean up, a Presentation on Environmental Awareness was conducted by Patrice Gilpin of NEPA and herself to residents of the Boone Hall Oasis Community. Amashika also thanked Boone Hall Oasis, NEPA, Nestle Jamaica, Ribbiz Ultra Lounge, Respect Jamaica, Rotaract Club of Kingston, her family and friends for their Assistance and a very special birthday.

Great job Amashika and friends for doing their part in the campaign, ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’.

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