The Melting Pot at Knutsford Court Hotel Fails for RW Nyam & Scram

The Melting Pot Restaurant & Lounge are in two categories this year, Savoury and Nyam & Scram. Their Savoury menu was impressive, however SuGa readers chose the latter option and had to wait a while before they could nyam. Taking more than half an hour to get food in practically an empty restaurant, they were not pleased.

Portion size was the expected small but tasty for the Italia trio (Jerk Chicken pasta sampler, Tomato and Feta cheese in a puffy parcel, mini Tiramisu Cheesecake) and the Chicken and Pork didn’t taste jerked for the Jerk Platter Mix.

Then oh Lord, the Spicy Jerk soup was too spicy. Feedback was that it tasted like they added water to a Jerk sauce.

Get it together Melting Pot.

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