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Broncos win Super Bowl 50!


Panthers won the coin toss but opted to   have the Broncos receive first. To get rid of the nerves perhaps? Suga thinks it was a bad move since they are used to having brilliant starts this season. Broncos started off by scoring a field goal.

Throughout the game there was flag after flag on both sides. However it was the Panthers’ offense and defense that made the most mistakes.

Panthers’ Defense worked hard forcing punt after punt for the Broncos but it was their Receivers and Blockers who failed them miserably, causing their QB Cam Newton to be sacked 6 times! One of those sacks resulted in the turnover to force Broncos’ first touchdown.

Suga thinks Cam Newton did all that he could do, except for his 5th sack when he could have dived on the ball and chose not to and the Broncos recovered it to seal the deal for the Super Bowl win. But with the speed and execution of Broncos’ defense, it probably wasn’t worth getting piled anyway.

So there you have it, the team with the best defense wins the Super Bowl 9 out of 11 times, now 10 out of 12 times. Defense won the game with the ending result 24-10. Congrats Broncos!

Congrats also to 5-time MVP Peyton Manning who hasn’t lost a game since returning from a huge injury that could have brought his career to an end. This was his 200th win and 2nd Championship ring.

The 39 year old has not announced retirement as yet as he had to have a couple of Budweisers first and will still think on the decision a bit more.



Where are you watching Super Bowl 50 Jamaica?!


The day is here for the Greatest Show on Earth, Super Bowl 50!

If you have no clue what has been happening but you have to watch the Super Bowl, update yourself and check out past NFL or post round ups by Suga.

Practically everywhere will be showing the Broncos-Panthers showdown. Who will you be carrying? Where will you be watching it?

Just to name a few, MoBay massive, Bigg’s BBQ Restaurant & Bar should be a treat. Anglers, Ochi with Wray & Nephew to keep you company and Endzzone with Heineken & Loaded fries specials for Portmore City!

Kingstonians have a range of options. To name a few, The Grid Iron @ Hope Gardens ($2500 presold; $3000 Gate; Food on sale; Free Parking) with host Yendi Phillips, $1500 Drinks inclusive @ Medusa, 100 Hope Road, The Blend Bar Pegasus, The Regency Bar & Lounge, C & C South Beach with tonnes of specials and the list goes on.

So whether it’s at the Bar or BBQ at a friend’s house, ENJOY!

Lady Gaga will be singing the National Anthem and The Halftime Show will include performances from Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Cold Play!

Is it 6:30 yet?!!! Cam Newton and the Panthers, Peyton Manning and the Broncos LIVE on a TV near you!


Panthers versus Broncos for Super Bowl 50!


Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos deflated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ dreams of going to Super Bowl 50 yesterday in the AFC Championship with a 20-18 win.

Hyped up match ups in the NFL are usually disappointing for the most part and this Manning-Brady match up was just that. Brady and the Patriots were not impressive at all. However, both teams had difficulty running the ball. But it was the Broncos who struggled all season and were considered as the underdogs that came through with the right plays and completed passes that Manning delivered!

It would be easy to say that the missed FG attempt in the first quarter could have costed the Patriots the game in the end but the Broncos also failed to convert a TD opportunity after acquiring an interception in the 1st half as well. The Broncos just were not going to let the Patriots win last night from the looks of it either. The Broncos stopped the Patriots from going for 2 after their TD with 12 seconds left in the game, then recovered the ball after the on-side kick. It was surely over then. Well done Broncos!

Panthers QB Cam Newton jumped over Cardinals fearlessly to score his own TD to increase the lead to 34-7 (Photo: http://www.charlotteobserver.com)

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers booked their spot in Super Bowl 50 much easier than the Broncos with a blowout 49-15 win over the Arizona Cardinals last night.

The Panthers had a fast start again, scoring a TD after an 86 yard completion, leading 17-0 after the 1st Quarter and 24-7 HT.

Cardinals QB, Carson Palmer had horrible passes resulting in most of their turnovers. Larry Fitzgerald was not as impressive last night either or didn’t have a chance to be and had a few incompletions. In total they had 7 turnovers! The Panthers were too fast, too hungry and just too good.

The Panthers will face the Broncos at the Bank of America stadium in Santa Clara, CA for the Lombardi Trophy at 6:30pm ET on Sunday, February 7!