Broncos win Super Bowl 50!


Panthers won the coin toss but opted to   have the Broncos receive first. To get rid of the nerves perhaps? Suga thinks it was a bad move since they are used to having brilliant starts this season. Broncos started off by scoring a field goal.

Throughout the game there was flag after flag on both sides. However it was the Panthers’ offense and defense that made the most mistakes.

Panthers’ Defense worked hard forcing punt after punt for the Broncos but it was their Receivers and Blockers who failed them miserably, causing their QB Cam Newton to be sacked 6 times! One of those sacks resulted in the turnover to force Broncos’ first touchdown.

Suga thinks Cam Newton did all that he could do, except for his 5th sack when he could have dived on the ball and chose not to and the Broncos recovered it to seal the deal for the Super Bowl win. But with the speed and execution of Broncos’ defense, it probably wasn’t worth getting piled anyway.

So there you have it, the team with the best defense wins the Super Bowl 9 out of 11 times, now 10 out of 12 times. Defense won the game with the ending result 24-10. Congrats Broncos!

Congrats also to 5-time MVP Peyton Manning who hasn’t lost a game since returning from a huge injury that could have brought his career to an end. This was his 200th win and 2nd Championship ring.

The 39 year old has not announced retirement as yet as he had to have a couple of Budweisers first and will still think on the decision a bit more.



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