How it Started | How it’s Going ! SUGALIFESTYLE.COM has ReLaunched!

How it Started | How it’s Going

That’s right! SUGALIFESTYLE.COM is now UP & LIVE! Revamped!

Check out now!

Thanks for ALL your support over the years!
I know you are eager to shop, but E-Commerce will be added next week!

Yesterday’s Launch was in honour of Suga’s late Dad, past West Indies Cricketer, Basil Williams a.k.a Shotgun.

HOME AND HAPPY: Jamaica’s victorious cricket team returned home on March 12, 1984 happy and contented after their thrilling win over the Leeward Island in the Geddes Grant/ Harrison Line Limited over competition in Antigua last Saturday. The team was met on arrival at the Norman Manley International Airport by members of the Jamaica Cricket Board of Control, headed by president Allan Rae and representatives of the sponsors, Ludlow Stewart of Harrison Line and Courtney Fernandes of Geddes Grant. Photo shows captain Basil Williams with the prized trophy (centre) and manager Bill Bennett (second left) in a happy mood shortly after their arrival. Others in the photo are Fernandes at left, Clem Thompson (partly hidden and wicketkeeper Prince Francis, left out of the final to accommodate Jeffrey Dujon, who was on hand to welcome his team members.

When he was up to Bat, it was said it was like hearing shots fired all around Sabina Park. A true Champion. A Winner. My motivation.

It’s how my blogging began even before Restaurant Reviewsโ€ฆWhen the ‘Worst Indies’ became the West Indies again, finally winning the ICC World Twenty20 Cup in 2012. I wrote ‘West Indies Glory, FINALLY!’ and he loved it.

I moved on from to start with a friend, forming the acronym, SUGA from our names. Then it wasn’t possible for her to take on a website at the time and already started to gain traction with Restaurant Ratings and Reviews. Persons even started calling me Suga! So it remained as such.

From 2013, now here we are, with so much more to come. Thanks for keeping up with Suga Lifestyle over the years. I appreciate all of you.

Please enjoy browsing the newly launched website. E-Commerce comes next week for you to shop! The Home Page is FIRE! Read ABOUT Suga Lifestyle. Previous Blogs are still there for your reference: What’s Hot, Brand Jamaica, Charities, Restaurant Ratings & Reviews and Sports. My GW Art Gallery! My Personal Trainer Profile and how you can request a Nutrition session at your fingertips. Suga Lifestyle Events: 12.12.2020 for my Christmas Connection! #SavetheDate and of course, Suga Lifestyle’s Charities.

Many thanks to Sue-Tanya McHorgh of Suety’s Business Solutions (Ig: @suetysbusinesssolutions) for making my vision come to life and in time for the special day. Bless you! ๐Ÿ™

Thanks to Hubby and Business Partner, Randy Burgess for always standing by me and helping me to soar higher.

Thanks to my ever-optimistic Brother, Basil Williams II, who celebrated his Birthday yesterday too, who always thinks I got this! Or there must be a solution โ€ฆalways seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s far for me.

Mom & Pops-in-law, Veronica and Paul Burgess, who support me like their own. My Aunty Maxine Spencer, Kerry Croft, other Family, Homiez and Friends. There is a lot of work left to do, but thanks for believing in me.

Suga Bears, Suga Daddies & Suga Babies, WATCH THIS SPACE.

Suga ๐Ÿ’–

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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