How are the NBA Playoffs Looking?

The Cavs have already swept the Pacers.

The Celtics recovered and have now drawn the series 2-2. So have the Raptors versus the Bucks, with their series at 2-2.

The Grizzlies recovered as well in their series with the Spurs to bring it to 2-2, but looks like the Refs have been on their side this time to help them to do so. Coach Popovich of the Spurs also made some rookie coaching errors. For instance, he had Tony Parker who is 38, mark Mike Conley whose hands were red hot.

The Warriors should be taking care of business soon to sweep the Trailblazers.

The Clippers and Jazz have been going back and forth. Their series is tied at 2-2.

The Wizards are up on the Hawks 2-1. I think that series is a toss up but I give the Wizards the edge.

OKC looks like they cannot pull off an upset at all to beat the Rockets. They can’t win with a one-man show. The Rockets are up 3-1, so that series should be over soon at the looks of it.

Continue to enjoy the series!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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