Does Apple Cider Vinegar make you Lose Weight?

What is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)?

ACV is the result of 2 Fermentation processes after the crushing and squeezing of apples followed by the addition of bacteria and yeast.

Sugars are converted to Alcohol in the 1st Fermentation process and Alcohol is converted to Vinegar in the 2nd Fermentation process.

How does it taste?

Sour or bitter because of the acetic and malic acid it contains.

What is the recommended use?

About a tablespoon before a meal.

Does ACV make you lose weight?


How does ACV help you lose weight?

ACV suppresses your appetite so it makes you feel fuller for longer. Therefore it helps with portion control.

It also helps digestion because it is full of enzymes to help the body break down food.

However, it blocks the digestion of starch, thus controls blood sugar levels allowing less calories to enter the bloodstream.

What is ACV used in?

– Vinaigrettes and other Salad dressings

– Food preservatives

– Chutneys

– Marinades

What else can ACV help you with?

There are claims ACV may cure hiccups, fade bruises, clear acne, get rid of dandruff and more, but one thing that seems to work for people is that it helps them to lose weight.

Reasons to take CAUTION

– ACV can alter insulin levels so Diabetics should talk to a Doctor before using it.

– ACV tablets are not all regulated as yet and some have had side effects

Suga’s thoughts on using ACV?

One should consult a Doctor first, as it alters the body’s natural chemical processes and one should know especially the effects it may have of blocking the digestion of starch.

It should help persons lose weight but after someone stops using ACV before meals, the appetite may open up tremendously and the weight previously lost could pile back on in the process.

Practising something usually becomes a habit. One can try practising portion control with meals naturally with mere willpower and determination instead of getting hooked on using ACV.

Eating fibre-rich foods will also suppress the appetite and aid with portion control. However, if one wishes to make a salad feel more filling once in a while, they could try using a vinaigrette that is made with some ACV.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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