Food Label Tips !


Amounts to look out for to have healthy servings:
Calorie free: <5/serving
Fat/sugar free: <1/2g/serving
Low calorie: <40/serving
Low sodium: <140mg/serving
High in fat: > 5%/serving
Too high in fat: >10% to 15%/serving

Important to note!

Total number of calories

Ensure that you multiply the number of servings per container by the total number of calories, because if you eat the whole container that will be all the calories you have consumed.

Ingredient content

Whatever ingredient is listed first is what the item consists mostly of. Ingredients are usually listed in that order.

So if something claims to be whole wheat, whole wheat should be listed first and not sugar.

● Sugar

To keep sugar low, keep it to less than 5g. If you have an item with 8/9g of sugar that is considered borderline, but monitor the sugar content in other foods for the rest of the day.

In General:

Take note that Saturated Fat and Trans Fat are the BAD Fats and Unsaturated Fat is considered to be Good Fat.

Ensure your food has some Fiber to keep you fuller for longer. 3% or more is good.

Have foods with 0% Cholesterol, the most 2%.

Have a Healthy Day!



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