Warriors suffer their 6th loss to the Lakers!


Of all the teams after close shaves with the Hawks, OKC and Clippers recently, the Lakers were hitting on all cylinders yesterday to beat the Warriors 112-95, making it the Warriors’ sixth loss of the season.

Stephen Curry scored 18 points. According to ESPN Scorecenter, Curry stated, ‘Just one of those nights you want to avoid at all costs’. The team scored a season’s worst of 13% from 3-point range.

Who came up big for the Lakers? Young Jordan Clarkson who scored 25 points and D’Angelo Russell with 21 points. Kobe Bryant scored 12 points, sitting out a lot of the game with his sore shoulder but mentored his younger teammates from the sidelines.

The Warriors are still in pursuit to break the Bulls’ record of best season ever in the NBA of 72 wins. Warriors now have 55 wins. However, the San Antonio Spurs are closing in under the radar with 53 wins!

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