Throwback Tuesday to Suga’s Lunch from Hungry Eyes!

COST: $800JMD + $300JMD delivery charge

COST: $800JMD + $300JMD delivery charge

Lunch last Wednesday, August 5th was great to prep for the holiday. The menu that caught my eyes included Tumeric Vegetable soup and a Salad bowl with Callaloo cous cous, Seasoned plantain, Rosemary 5-spice Garbanzo beans, Carrot spaghetti, Pumpkin seed mix and SOBA noodles.

My order was on time as usual. Packaging and Presentation certainly appealed to my eyes.Then the food? The use of herbs, greens and spices were on point.

The Garbanzo beans were herby with a bit of sweet. So the raisins were a nice touch.  The Plantain was delicious! I wanted more. Now, cous cous is extremely hard to flavour. The trick is to add a little lime or lemon juice amongst other things. The Callaloo could have been a good mix for it, however it was kind of bland and didn’t add much to it. But there were so many other exciting things in the salad bowl to mix it with if that failed. For instance, Carrot spaghetti?! What is that? It was not actual spaghetti, the carrot was peeled to look like spaghetti. Very creative. It was tasty and sweet. The SOBA noodles added some soft fibre and there was still more. Kale and corn completed the bowl.

Well done Hungry Eyes!

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