FREE 24-hr Delivery for all Suga Lifestyle Followers Online Shopping for Groceries with Pantrypan!


Pantrypan is an Online Grocery Delivery Service. They are currently doing a soft launch of their service in the Kingston Metropolitan Region and Portmore and are offering Suga Followers FREE 24-hour grocery delivery up to August 15, 2015! You’re welcome 🙂

There are so many of these Online Grocery Shopping Services that have failed right? Nobody really pays attention to them. So what makes Pantrypan so different? I mean, other than recognizing Suga Lifestyle Followers right? What is the advantage other than having groceries delivered to your door? They provide shoppers with value for money. Prior services have offered Premium service where the price ranges for items are extremely high and they have realized that that will not work in order to sustain a successful online shopping business. People have a hard time as it is finding that grocery money in the first place. So in these times, companies just saying they will bring groceries right to our doorstep for a small fee AND the items will just cost a little more than usual, won’t do the trick.

Pantrypan has an office at 33 1/2 Duke Street, Kingston. They have been in operation for the last 4 months and have been building a platform for the last 11 months. How have they made it work so far? According to one of Pantrypan co-founders, Rafer Johnson, a busy flow of orders does not affect deliveries or delivery times. They offer a 24-hour delivery service and if there is an issue or delay in sourcing a product, they immediately call and ask the best possible time to provide a solution. They source products directly from the suppliers who do not have to hold products overnight. Once the order is put in, the suppliers are ready to release the products.

Also, don’t worry about products getting crushed or being out of refrigeration for long periods of time because Pantrypan operates within a short time system.

How are the products they offer and prices?! Good range. I mean you are not going to find every exact thing you would in the supermarket, but they have all the basics you need. Can’t find a product? Not to worry, they expand their product line daily based on feedback from customers and try to facilitate your needs as much as possible.

Being in the Health and Fitness industry, Suga realized she didn’t see items like Lasco Skimmed milk powder, Fat free Crystal Farms American Singles Cheese slices and Olive oil available. However, Pantrypan has been talking with a nutritionist to source healthy products to add to their list and also possibly launch a Pantrypan Health store model.

Prices? ALL PRICES INCLUDE G.C.T. Although, I almost had a fit when I saw a few costs but realized quickly by the fine print that the cost quoted was for the price of 3! I of course communicated the need to put that in bold to Pantrypan.

Examples of some products and prices are Yellow Yam for $70/lb (reasonable!), Healthy Start Multi-grain Bread for $238 (less than Mega Mart’s $260!), Delicate Toilet Paper, 24 pack for $1630, $350 for a pack of 3 tins of Grace Baked beans, Copperwood Pork Leg Bone for $406/lb etc. It’s worth it to check them out.

If you are pleased with Pantrypan’s service and wish to continue shopping with them, their usual Delivery rates are $450JMD for office orders and $950JMD for home orders, both flat rates including G.C.T.

The sign up process:

● Go to Pantrypan’s homepage at

● Click on the “Shop Now” button and you will be redirected to the Sign Up/Registration Page.

● From there, all new users will be required to Create an account.

● Fill out the registration form and click the “Register” Button

Choose your preferred delivery location; i.e Home or Office.

● If you choose the HOME delivery option, you will be redirected to their Product catalogue page where you CAN START SHOPPING IMMEDIATELY! 


● If you choose the OFFICE delivery option, then they will get in touch to assist you in joining one of their existing groups or help you to create a new one.

That’s it! Two ‘holiday weekends’ are here and who likes going to the supermarket in that crowd?! Happy shopping Suga Readers! Remember to give feedback and Have a great Emancipation Weekend!

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