Chef Gibney’s Vegan Cooking Trial was a success!


So after Beyonce told the world she had a HUGE announcement with persons taking time off from work to hear this announcement, it was only ‘I am turning Vegan’. A friend of mine, Rachel decided to try this with her husband, James, which turned into a 30-day challenge. Because, really, that’s her big announcement? Hilarious. Of course it is never easy to back down from a challenge from James, with it being posted all over Facebook and all. So Rachel started her 30-day Vegan challenge and quite an entertaining blog to follow her experience, ‘canrachelbeflawless’.

Having her husband James, who is a Chef, has made things even easier. Last Saturday night, after he got out of the ‘dog house’ for a certain Spiderman stunt, he pulled off a wholesome, delicious, All-Vegan dinner. Friends, bubbly and all-healthy food! After such a feast, it was real satisfying to think that all I ate was completely healthy, leaving room for all the liquor consumed I suppose.

The highlight of the menu was the Chickpea patty starter served on a bed of guacamole made with fresh avocado, served with fresh greens and sweet and spicy salsa including a touch of mango. The spicy Chilli Mixed Bean stew including cilantro was also a winner served for the main course along with roasted veggies, roasted sweet potatoes and brown vegetable rice.

To top it all off, a vegan Chocolate cake was served and Rachel actually got her hands dirty in the kitchen, making decadent Macaroons served with her freshly made banana-raspberry (more raspberry :)) sorbet.

Be sure to follow the last few days of Rachel’s Vegan journey on wordpress, ‘canrachelbeflawless’ which I will reblog for some information and laughs at the same time. Also visit Wholesome Cafe (Past Table Talk Observer Food Awards Nominee) in the Digicel building in Downtown, Kingston for delicious and reasonable lunches prepared by Chef James Gibney. Suga admires that he loves to prepare dishes with fresh and local produce and his food is totally Suga approved.

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