Who remembers this video with Mayweather arguing with a Jamaican woman who didn’t know who he was?

Well if you didn’t know who Floyd Mayweather Jr. was before, you should surely know now. A fight has not been marketed so heavily in ages if so much. But the arrogance! Did he really step to the Jamaican woman in the video like how he would step to someone to fight them? Perhaps similar to how he has beaten many women in the past? If an audience was not there, would there be a different outcome for that Jamaican woman?

Suga is in full support of Pacquiao, a past Rotarian President who has also done his part in the campaign to eradicate polio. Mayweather should win by paper, but it sure would be sweet to see Mayweather get beaten for a change! Let’s go Pac-Man!

See video here:

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