Why Tessanne should have left Cuffe behind ages ago

I respect that both Tessanne Chin and Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr. may be going through a hard time right now. Who knows who left who or if it was a mutual decision, but a laaaaaaang time dis fi happen! Sound wicked don’t it? But why Tessanne not BIG right now globally after all that excitement about winning The Voice?! What has been holding her back? She thinks she can reach anywhere doing shows for Digicel and living in Jamaica? My darling Tessanne, you have everything in reverse. Live in Jamaica after you make it big times three.

Taking it back to The Voice. All Tessanne needed was a little scandal you know. The world was watching how her coach, Adam Levine looked at her. Her season was the first season him bring him team to his yard?

Let me talk to Tessanne now. Just seh you and Adam have a likkle ting nuh. It don’t have to be true, but launch your career. Start a twitter war with some of Adam’s Victoria Secret models. More than half of the stars in Hollywood and the Music Industry have done that. People will get over it if you worried about your image. In a few days it will be stale news because Drake may be throwing a bottle at Chris Brown in a club. Your dear husband would know it’s not true from you plot or accept the plan. It all comes down to your wonderful talent at the end of the day. But do you think having him there on almost every episode and your career not even started yet going to boost anything? No. Then all the pictures for your fans on instagram with you and Cuffe stuff in the Bahamas, Kisses for Cuffe stuff, I miss my Cuffe stuff. Tessanne really?! Three’s a crowd with Nuff Cuffe. Nobody cares! Cute but not hardcore. Lastly, it’s great you are promoting Brand Jamaica with all these clothes you have been dressed in by Kerry Man Woman Home, but you picked the wrong person. All these pants and pencil skirts won’t cut it! Lose some weight and get your sexy on. I’m all for embracing your fluffiness but let’s keep it real, that’s how it is done. Powerhouse voice, Jennifer Hudson couldn’t keep her dream alive after doing well on American Idol and Dreamgirls without losing some weight. Think she would be singing for Lucious on Empire if it was back in 2006? Tessanne, you are not young either. You’re not 22, you are married, borderline hefty, but beautiful and you decide to live in Jamaica immediately after winning the Voice. That is ending your career before you start it girl.

The entire Jamaica was behind Tessanne to win The Voice, like Olympics. Pot cova from Half-Way-Tree to Cherry Gardens and more, have we voting for her like crazy in a wi good good Christmas and spending money to buy her song on i-tunes. What a disappointment. Whether Cuffe stuff held Tessanne back or she felt guilty from being away from him for long, sometimes love is not enough. Or was she just too concerned with maintaining her current sober, bland image and being herself? She shouldn’t worry about that. Artists mould back into themselves after making it, initially having a hard time filtering into the industry. That’s part of the game. She should have known that from before she went on The Voice. What did they expect? Don’t waste people’s time and energy.

Tessanne better fly out and push away that Victoria Secret, boo boo kitty model and tell Adam Chinita Goodaz is ready! Boxcovaaaaa!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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51 thoughts on “Why Tessanne should have left Cuffe behind ages ago”

  1. Mi endorse this 100%! It might seem a little shady for those who don’t know the underside of the entertainment biz…but in the age of social media sometimes a little scandal is what u need to launch your star. Plus the long time big ooman dressing naaaah cut it at all

    1. I’ve been saying this for the longest, but her small cadre of Twitter fans would drown it out and keep her gassed. She BLEW a KAZILLION opportunities via image, branding & press.

    2. you people promote too much shit on television. “sometimes a little scandal is what you need to launch your star” really. so the woman must sell her soul to become a star…there is life after the entertainment industry and she will need to look at herself in the mirror years down the road.

    1. Ikr..
      You shouldn’t need to “sellout” just for a buss but I get what ur saying. Digicel’s girl in a scandal, gets dropped from her contract, ruin her marriage, hoping this will launch her into bigger things isnt worth the price of fame in my opinion.

      Remember when Yendi left Asafa and got pregnant for Chino shortly after.. The public debate about wedlock and all that sh*t. Only to leave him and be a single mom?
      Its easy to say things and its another to let the public/ world into your life. Everyone wants fame and fortune but not everyone can handle it.

      Idk what’s happening in her relationship or music life but all that can happen now is that people watch the reply and learn from their mistake

      1. Mark, no way in heaven she can stay in JA and be bigger than Beyonce. She has GOT TO do what Rihanna, Idris & Grace Gealey (Empire) did – LEAVE. LEAVE JAMAICA. Keep a place there but LEAVE FOR THE TIME IT TAKES TO BLOW UP IN THE STATES.

  2. Her husband could’ve remained her husband, if he wasn’t partying and fronting like a man whore in Jamaica while Tessanne tried to earn a living. The people who need to go are the management and so called advisors who’ve done nothing but kept her a local Caribbean princess (not even a queen) since her voice win. She needs to move ah farrin AND dump the team she has. New mgmt me seh.

    1. i agreed with you 100%….excepted for the part of him being a man whole in Jamaica.don’t know about that ,but i share the same sentiment about the management and the relocation…..straight talk.

    2. Been saying it since 1 month after TheVoice win – dump the third world management. No matter WHAT contract you have with them. Cut your losses and get rid of them.

      1. No way possible for her to stay in Jamaica and get bigger than Beyonce. Jamaican management not going to get her up there. Look at Shaggy, Sean Paul and even Rhianna.

  3. I completely agree with this! It is a sad thing but it is the truth she’s being horribly mismanaged right now and it is about time it changes!

  4. good and Godly morals over fame…..that’s what’s up….way up!!! people you all need to start praying for this marriage. This is the support Tess and Micheal needs right now. Support them in prayer as you all supported her with voting.

    1. I honestly didn’t believe this was an article. It’s more like what you hear some unsufisticated persons gossipping about on the street. There was no sign of articulative expression or fact based argument in this article.
      Clearly, the writer just wanted to share their thoughts.

      1. Val go pull out the dictionary, I think you may have spelt sophisticated wrong! Weh yuh seh?!? Oxford dictionary you using?! KMRT…tap wid di big words (articulative) weh dat mean!? Cho baxcover! The article sell off…ah Dutty Berry write it :=)

      2. Miss, when you a try diss people mek sure yuh can spell. The word is unsophisticated #byefelicia

    2. HA! She wants it ALL!! We wouldn’t be reading about any marital discord if not!!

  5. This is bull**** So one can’t make it in the industry if they’re fat, humble and living in Jamaica

    1. kmt. a dat wid dem man. kmt.. morals over fame??? really kmt. and what if they having fam probs.. i dont think its anybodys bizniz.. all marriages have probs.. its just for them to deal with it kmt


    3. Unfortunately, not in America. The Industry is not about music, it’s about image and money, and willing to sell your soul for fame. Sad, but true.

  6. This article was poorly written and is utter rubbish. I am not Jamaican so I do not know what is going on with Tessanne & Michael but from a professional perspective if Tessane’s career has not taken off since she won The Voice it is due to poor management & marketing. One month after #THEVOICE and theendorsement deals, film/television appearances & tour bookings were not rolling in then she should have fired her management. Let’s take a look at Lupita Nyong’o to me she was not extremely outstanding in 10 Years A Slave and I know many will not agree but she simply was NOT. Lupita was THROWN at consumers every single week and we lapped it up (the mexican/nigerian black girl with notty hair) on every red carpet, on every talk show, in every magazine to the point that if she did not win that Oscar there would have been an international outcry. Her management team made her every black girls role model, every designers muse & every talk show hosts desired guest. There was a well thought out plan to help her win that Oscar. Jennifer Hudson did not have to “CLAW” at anything. Jennifer left American Idol, acted on Broadway, in television series, recorded her music, toured etc. No-one expected her to “out shine” Beyonce in DREAM GIRLS but she did. The voice, combined with the fact that she was the “fat one” made her someone that the average woman could identify with. She too had extensive appearances leading up to winning that Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress after which she teamed up with Jenny Craig to lose a ton of weight ( tapping into another demographic sales market). Stars who are successful ALWAYS have a cohesive management team who ensure that their “star” is yesterday & tomorrow’s news. There was not clear plan for Tessanne after winning The Voice. She does not need to sleep with Adam for publicity (to advise her to do so shows that writers lack of self respect for this outstanding artist). What Tessane needs is a team that will focus on HER CAREER. She has the talent, she has the look and if her husband is holding her back in time she will get rid of him and the right back will be strong enough to let his lady shine.

    1. I would have taken you seriously until you made your confident assessment about Lupita N’yongo. After that you had no credibility. Lupita was amazing in ‘Twelve Years’. As soon as I walked out of that movie, I proclaimed that she would win an Oscar, and clearly I wasn’t wrong in my instinctive reaction. Had nothing to do with marketing. Speak a little more softly. You don’t have it on lock.

    2. Now you are sensible, so you invoke a response. The lead story is garbage, it does goes to show what the writer and her supporters would do for fame. No wonder the world is like this. Pretty soon their children start sleeping with their teachers for good grades etc. Then they wonder what’s wrong with their child. THE PARENTS, that’s what. Nah seh nummo. (Not saying anymore).

      Yes I’m Jamaican.

    3. Agreed. Her management BLEW IT. And that Adam Levine angle – NO; that look in his eyes was that of a coach who wanted to win, NOT a man who desired Tessane.

  7. “Mexican/Kenyan”- Lupita. Jennifer teamed up with Weightwatchers for her weight loss.

  8. What a load of shit this article is, anyone who has to create some sort of scandal to gain fame is noting but a desperate, classless and probably lacks any form of confidence in their real “talent’ to let it shine for itself. You people are looking way to much into this Adam Levine thing, whoever said this man has any sort of interest in Tesseanne?isn’t he already a married man? I honestly think most Jamaicans are looking way too much into something that was never there in the 1st place, he looked at her a “certain look” , big deal doesn’t mean anything. I just think tesseanne as an artist is extremely underwhelming , while she is a great vocalist the songs she comes out with just come off as average or just overwhelmingly bland, im not sure if she writes her own music or if someone else writes it for her but whatever the case she needs to find better writers and just overall better people to work with.

  9. This is the most pathetic excuse of an article I have ever had the misfortune to read in my life. And what’s even more disgusting is the imbecils commenting that have nothing about them and are willing to sell themselves out for fame. Jesus help you.

    1. Please – no one outside of the small island of Jamaica has seen Tess advertisements in Jamaica. SHE SAID she wanted to be an international superstar. Those JA ads mean ZERO.

  10. Let’s make one thing clear. This article is an example of the very thing that is wrong with society. Morals and integrity have lost it’s foundation and the people who have continued to give advice, themselves, are way too broken beyond repair to give whole sum value and credible advice . Suddenly the almighty dollar and painting our lives with fads and facades are now the every day norm. Had I not stopped for minute to think through your article I would have digested this filth and think “oh yuh know the writer is speaking te truth”. Bullshit, her husband is one of the least things that are wrong in her life and so what if they are going through their marital problems, which marriage in this world doesn’t have it’s fair share of problems. Why didn’t you look at Tessanne’s laid back approach? Why didn’t the writer ask why all the strong songs that she had in her life, go belly up? Dear writer, Tesseanne has not risen to stardom due to the lack thereof, of Good management. Adam craving would only be gratified with a one night of chin’s stuff and wouldn’t need anything else and of course he can get as much vaginas at his beckon and call. If your a true supporter of Tessanne, you would have encouraged her to be strong and follow her heart. So what if she doesn’t acquired the goals that we have set for her? When all is said and done she should be happy and that’s what’s most important. Wouldn’t like to see the shack of a life your living if you give this horrible advice to people.

  11. somewhat true but principles values and morals over riches and fame big thing
    fame may or may not last it may make you happier or even sadder family friends and support means more than making it big as fame can leave you as a new sensaational act take over then what would you do then run back and say sorry to the ones who loved you sincerely? not sure whats happening to them both but i wish for nothing less of the best for them both
    as fro mr cuffe you are with a jamaican woman analysse realise accept and work with the program always be prepared for te worst

  12. you are an idiot,you are one of those jamaicans who dont believe in jamaica.Sean paul,Beenie man,samantha j,chronixx,all a dem stay right in jamaica and became house hold names.From shabba,super cat,mavado leave jamaica thier career went down so obviously leaving jamaica rarely wrks.

  13. I haven’t been this annoyed by an article in a very long. This is total crap. I would never sell my character or morals for fame. The very same people who build u up(career) are the very same ones that tears you down the first chance you do something they do not like. Kmt!!!! Stupid article!!!!!

  14. One thing with us jamaicans we no sell out cuffe is a great guy y lose ur heart chasing money adam has his own life and flings y should she give up her happiness for money she will b miserable with the world maybe misunderstand jamaiva r jamaicans rather we r proud people we might not b “Bill Gates Rich” to enjoy life we only want to live comfortably. I’ve toured a few countries there roads and a few other things might b better but one thing I can proudly boast on they will neeeevvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrr b jamaica. Jamaica is an exceptional pearl amd we as jamaican must cherish it and keep it safe because as always the world ago wah emulate jamaica and jamaicans. So cuffe and tess work out uno differences and show the world we don’t have to lower our standards for no one

  15. tess. Whatever u do make sure SEY u and ur husband work out everything at the end of the day. And stay together no matter what!!!!
    You both made vows to each other and not to anyone else or group. Your marriage come first!!!!!!!!!??amen.

  16. It is so abhorrent to the mind and spirit to read what have been recommended to Tessane in this article. What Tessane and her husband needs right now is pure, positive energy to help their burden a little lighter. Every marriage goes through testing. Let’s help them past this test instead of spelling and guessing what’s wrong or what should have been with her career. The problem with most people is how we view success. Every thing adds up, its not just about the big hype and popularity. In essence, it’s way more than how we perceive it. So, if we really love Tessane, let’s give some serious support to mending her marriage through good advice, motivations, testimonies etc. and stop all the judgements!

  17. I congratulate and respect Tessane for holding on to her convictions and her dignity.I would much rather see her carry herself like a lady and not do the “slutty”thing like so many of these so called “superstars” do.Tessane is a fine ambassador for Jamaica just the way she is.Self respect and dignity should still mean something.I certainly hope that she and her husband can work it out, all marriages have difficulties. Big respect Tessane, your talent is astounding.

  18. So she has left him but what has that now done for her. How much of you would leave your hubby behind. Allow her to live her own life. What gives anyone any right to her personal affairs. Support her as an individual and as an artiste but anything else is up to her.

  19. I agree with her, why sell ur soul, and get used up, ‘Tess, keep yr dignity, Money is good to have and lots of it, yr piece is important more than anything in this world. Life is about family, yr own, u will not be young forever, in d future u will ‘see yr decision was right, ur one who don’t chase money, therefore it will u . Lots of blessings to u and your future baby bundle of joy. Happiness cannot be brought.

  20. Tess manager is her Sister Tami, and have singed with ICM Partners. So, there you have it right there. Now, a new husband and a baby soon will be in the mix of things. So, who knows where Tess career is gonna go from here. At least she has the Caribbean all sure up, and the rest of the World awaits.

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