Why Tessanne should have left Cuffe behind ages ago

I respect that both Tessanne Chin and Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr. may be going through a hard time right now. Who knows who left who or if it was a mutual decision, but a laaaaaaang time dis fi happen! Sound wicked don’t it? But why Tessanne not BIG right now globally after all that excitement about winning The Voice?! What has been holding her back? She thinks she can reach anywhere doing shows for Digicel and living in Jamaica? My darling Tessanne, you have everything in reverse. Live in Jamaica after you make it big times three.

Taking it back to The Voice. All Tessanne needed was a little scandal you know. The world was watching how her coach, Adam Levine looked at her. Her season was the first season him bring him team to his yard?

Let me talk to Tessanne now. Just seh you and Adam have a likkle ting nuh. It don’t have to be true, but launch your career. Start a twitter war with some of Adam’s Victoria Secret models. More than half of the stars in Hollywood and the Music Industry have done that. People will get over it if you worried about your image. In a few days it will be stale news because Drake may be throwing a bottle at Chris Brown in a club. Your dear husband would know it’s not true from you plot or accept the plan. It all comes down to your wonderful talent at the end of the day. But do you think having him there on almost every episode and your career not even started yet going to boost anything? No. Then all the pictures for your fans on instagram with you and Cuffe stuff in the Bahamas, Kisses for Cuffe stuff, I miss my Cuffe stuff. Tessanne really?! Three’s a crowd with Nuff Cuffe. Nobody cares! Cute but not hardcore. Lastly, it’s great you are promoting Brand Jamaica with all these clothes you have been dressed in by Kerry Man Woman Home, but you picked the wrong person. All these pants and pencil skirts won’t cut it! Lose some weight and get your sexy on. I’m all for embracing your fluffiness but let’s keep it real, that’s how it is done. Powerhouse voice, Jennifer Hudson couldn’t keep her dream alive after doing well on American Idol and Dreamgirls without losing some weight. Think she would be singing for Lucious on Empire if it was back in 2006? Tessanne, you are not young either. You’re not 22, you are married, borderline hefty, but beautiful and you decide to live in Jamaica immediately after winning the Voice. That is ending your career before you start it girl.

The entire Jamaica was behind Tessanne to win The Voice, like Olympics. Pot cova from Half-Way-Tree to Cherry Gardens and more, have we voting for her like crazy in a wi good good Christmas and spending money to buy her song on i-tunes. What a disappointment. Whether Cuffe stuff held Tessanne back or she felt guilty from being away from him for long, sometimes love is not enough. Or was she just too concerned with maintaining her current sober, bland image and being herself? She shouldn’t worry about that. Artists mould back into themselves after making it, initially having a hard time filtering into the industry. That’s part of the game. She should have known that from before she went on The Voice. What did they expect? Don’t waste people’s time and energy.

Tessanne better fly out and push away that Victoria Secret, boo boo kitty model and tell Adam Chinita Goodaz is ready! Boxcovaaaaa!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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