Get to It! Exercise! Do not Procrastinate or Make Excuses

The gym is too crowded?

‘Do a workout that keeps you in one area of the gym’ or just work out at home for January.

Do NOT use your Treadmill for storage, to hang clothes on, or start to consider it as a piece of furniture

Use your Treadmill during Cardio circuits or Interval workouts.

Your Gym clothes are dirty…really?!

No excuses there. Try pajama friendly workouts such as Yoga or a Total body Kettlebell or Dumbbell workout. You could also wash your clothes regularly and not have them pile up in the hamper!

You would rather do housework instead of working out in your room or living room?

Make your workout or exercise fun to take your mind off of housework or reorganising your closet, because clearly it was not fun before. Joining a gym is an option as well. Change your workout environment from time to time.

Having a salad for lunch is not an excuse to skip a workout

Great, you have restricted your calories for the day, but ‘dieting without exercise not only hampers your weight loss, but it can also cause you to lose muscle mass.’ In order to burn fat, tone and get overall results, muscle mass is needed.

This blog was inspired by Calorie Count. For more information and workouts or ideas, check out this article by Exercise Expert, Paige Waehner, ‘Exercise Excuses to Ditch this Year’ from Living Healthy by Calorie Count by clicking on the link below:-

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