Oasis on the Oxford Disappoints by Not Offering Items on their RW menu!


Feedback on the Oasis on the Oxford was no bueno for Nyam and Scram yesterday. SuGa’s source had her heart set on the Curry Goat and Roti option but was surprised and disappointed to hear that what they have is on the menu board outside, not including that Restaurant Week option or the others, after specifically asking for the Curry Goat as well. She was told the meal still came with a drink as advertised so decided to proceed with ordering something else.

She found the Manish water, Stew Pork mixed with Fried Chicken and Rice and peas to be tasty, but was disgusted with the complimentary drink that tasted like artificial Lime juice and water.

For an establishment that does catering and events, they should know and do better.

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